Dec 12, 2011

Get Her Shellac For Christmas

"Shellac demands zero filing"
The nail business is much like Christmas day for people that really love to have their nails done. Ladies all across the globe are being thrilled by their modern nail possibilities and also virtually forgetting the nail services of earlier times. Plenty of the nail services of yesterday were certain to produce unhealthy nails, suffering, and temporary outcomes. This has just about all improved with the Ultraviolet manicure emerging trend. A lot of brand names are involved in the Ultra violet manicure innovation.

A few of the very first picks are the Shellac Manicure, OPI Axxium Gel, Gelish, Gelac, and the Red Carpet Manicure. Despite the fact that these manufacturers have various brands they are definitely amazingly much the same. It really is correct that these brand names are producing two Week Flawless Manciures. Every Ultraviolet manicure, whenever performed correctly, brings about a flawless two weeks of use. A lot of women have put the two week manicure pledge to the ultimate test and discovered for themselves that it lasts. Just what may these kinds of two week manicures remain flawless throughout?

Let us search through the lot of some of the commonplace manicure foes. First of all, the look for keys inside of a woman's bag. After any visit to the beauty salon women search through their bag in attempt to find their automobile keys. This regularly causes chips and smudges to the standard manicure. With one of these Ultraviolet manicures this really is no more a problem. The manicures dry and harden immediately after the application and curing. Next, the day by day obligation of cleaning dishes. Cleaning dishes typically breaks down manicures. Between the plates, water, bowls, dishes, cups, and even knifes the conventional manicure will not stand a chance. Ultraviolet manicures survive through 14 days of dish washing. Thirdly, nail biting. If you come to the realization that you're a nail biter, then probably your manicures have got a brief lifespan. The Ultraviolet manicures are tough. It is certainly not very easy to bite through them. Due to this it not simply stops nail biters from messing up their manicures however it has aided nail biters to break their harmful habit.

"Ultraviolet manicures survive through 14 days of dish washing"
 Which Ultraviolet Manicure should you decide on? Probably the major variations between these kinds of manicures is their selection of shades. To illustrate, the Axxium Shades are comprised of fifty colours. The Shellac colours are made up of thirty colours with layering choices to enhance that quantity. The Gelish brand name includes 76 colours. The Gelac model contains thirty shades and the Red Carpet Manicure is made of 36 colours. An additional major difference between the manicures is the removal procedure. Axxium needs filing whilst shellac demands certainly zero filing which is the simplest and quickest. In spite of the UV manicure's variances they really are almost all essentially the same. Lots of women select one manicure over the other because their trustworthy beauty salon is providing one rather than the other. When it comes done to it the option is generally depending on slight details.

Dec 11, 2011

A Gift for Every Gal

Yes, you read right. I’m going to tell you what the perfect gift is for almost any female.  This is the perfect gift idea for your sister, your best friend, the girl from book club or a coworker. This gift comes in a wide price range, so do not fret if your budget is lower this year or if you are a hardcore bargain shopper. It is a personalized gift that won’t leave the recipient offended. It’s not particularly ingenious either. Ready? It’s jewelry.

A lot of women cross jewelry off as an option because she herself may be picky about what pieces she wears. However, costume jewelry is meant to be fun. If the recipient is dear, such as a mother, there are many higher-end options that are lighthearted. The secret in gifting costume jewelry is to do a little bit of thinking about the person.

Think. What are this person’s hobbies or interests? Let’s use me as an example; my passions are my hometown of San Francisco and mathematics.

Next, make two keyword lists. One should be a list of types of jewelry such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, etc. Try thinking of synonyms for different types of jewelry such as studs. The second list should be terms related to the person’s interests. So for me, you may write down Golden Gate Bridge.

Now, put those online search engine skills to test. Amazon and Ebay are good places to start, as is Overstock. Try using Froogal, Google’s shopping search engine, or even just a general Google search. If you belong to members only shopping sites, definitely try searching through them.

So, what did you get me? This ring would’ve been a pretty obvious gift. Too obvious? Well, how about these math earrings for a more subtle approach? What if I were your niece or cousin? I’m sure you can find a soft, delicate yet affordable gold charm in the shape of the mathematical phi from an online realtor specializing in fraternity/sorority goods.

How easy was that? We just found two awesome gifts that tell me that you know and care about who I am. Now try again but this time, who are we going to cross off your holiday list?
Bella can’t help but say what’s on her mind. You’ll find Bella during the weekends at your local coffee shop blogging away about all the nerdy things that run through her mind or the internet. But since nerdy is cool, that makes her trendy. Her nerdism lives on The Metanerd, but sometimes she gets so excited she tweets @themetanerd.

Dec 8, 2011

Tips on Buying a Stylish Handbag

Handbags are popular all over the world. They hold your most valuable essentials as you go from one destination to next. Many people choose to wear stylish handbags, because it helps them feel like a million bucks. Also, people choose to wear a variety of handbags for many occasions. Most people feel a sense of pride when wearing a stylish handbag. They come in a variety of designs, shapes and colors. Most of the well-known designers produce handbags that replicate the current trends in the fashion world. Fortunately, you can buy a stylish handbag within your budget, although some of the popular handbags can cost as much as $2,000.

Stylish handbag tip: Choose durability
Choose durability over cheap fabrics. Whether you are choosing to purchase an authentic designer handbag or one that resembles a designer bag, be sure to check the materials, zippers and seams. Resilient and durable handbags can last much longer than handbags that appear to be worn out or shabby. Cheap fabrics can get dingy quickly and become torn within a short timeframe. Many of the popular handbags are leather handbags, quilted handbags, suede bags and many more.

Ascertain your budget and the price range that you are willing to pay for your stylish handbag. Determining your budget also helps you to determine where you will begin shopping for your handbag. There are many retail stores that carry stylish handbags for affordable prices. Also, you may opt to purchase your handbag from the manufacturer’s store, website or a designer outlet.

Handbag tip: Determine the purpose
Determine the purpose for purchasing a handbag. Are you choosing to buy an everyday handbag, a work handbag, an evening handbag or for a specific occasion? Because there are many variations, colors and shapes of handbags, it is important to choose one that compliments your wardrobe. Additionally, some handbags look better during certain seasons. Some manufacturers design their handbags to be worn during the spring and summer months as well as the fall and winter months. Certain colors can be worn year round, while some colors only look good during the summer months.

If you are choosing to buy a stylish handbag that’s within the current fashion trends, it is important to research the popular handbags. Many fashion magazines and other fashion resources display the popular wardrobe fashions. There are tote bags, clutch bags, hobo bags and more. The cyclical changes in the fashion trends of handbags typically revolve around the changes in colors and shapes of the bags.

Remember to choose a stylish handbag that replicates your unique personality. If you make your selection based only on the current fashion trends without including what you personally like, you may not be able to relish the full benefit of having a stylish handbag. When selecting a stylish handbag that fits your personality, you will automatically be drawn to what you like over what appears uninteresting to you. If the most popular style of handbags does not appeal to your unique tastes in fashion, your personal style can give you a greater sense of joy and fulfillment.

"Your personal style can give you a greater sense of joy and fulfillment."
 Dunya is a writer from Brisbane, Australia. She is currently working as a copywriter for Handbags Australia. She enjoys writing articles and guides on topics ranging from fashion to travel.

Dec 2, 2011

Keeping Warm This Winter: Nightwear

We all look forward to buying our winter coat, something to keep us warm during the cold winter days but there are other winter essentials you should consider closely behind your winter coat purchase.

Looking good outside your home is important but looking good at home is just as important during the winter months and having nice clothes to slip into after a long cold day is a good way to warm up and relax in the evening, snuggling up with your favourite book and a cup of hot chocolate – or favourite tv show and a glass of wine.

"Wear your cashmere socks to bed..."
Starting from your feet and working upwards, consider some cashmere socks to keep your feet warm, they will be soft against your skin, warm for your toes and that feel of luxury really helps your feet settle after a long day – also when the weather gets colder you can wear your cashmere socks to bed to keep your toes nice and warm all night long.

Ladies pyjamas, look for cotton pyjamas for that soft, durable, warm feeling and choose a pattern you will be happy to be seen in for those moments when you have to run out to the bin in your pyjamas. Ladies pyjamas don’t always just have to be seen as something that you put on to go to bed now, where them to relax in and potter around the house like loungewear.

Dressing gowns are a good way to add another layer for colder nights, you can usually tell a good dressing gown by feeling how soft, warm and comfy they are - try a few on before you decide on one, as some can be overly heavy but they are a useful extra layer.

A good guideline is choose warm, soft and cosy but stylish nightwear and you will look forward to getting out of the cold and into your home.

Nov 30, 2011

Dazzle this season with these ideas hot from the UK

Sparkle your way through this festive season with our hottest jewellery looks this winter. We have compiled a shortlist of the UK’s most desirable styles for an effortlessly chic look.

Shabby chic is trending big time in the UK and is all over the magazines and TV at the moment. Think rustic old keys and unusual objects on a string of pearls, vintage inspired bracelets with quirky charms and handmade earrings that all offer that something special and different from the norm. Best of all, these items are proving to be very popular shabby chic gifts amongst women of all ages. Mix the distressed look with clean lines, such as a simple tea dress, for the maximum impact.

Mixing gold and silver is the ultimate fashion no no, right? Think again! Gold and silver showcases an eclectic look and oozes glamour.  Team gold and silver rings, earrings, necklaces, bangles, whatever you can think of, don’t be scared to mix it up! With this look you need to keep the outfit simple, slip on your favourite LBD and really let the jewellery do the talking.
Shabby Chic Swirl Necklace
Forget patterns and prints, this season it’s all about the masculine look, a versatile style that will transition effortlessly between day and night. Scrape back your hair and invest in a country heritage cravat and team with your favourite brogues for the office and really work the masculine vibe. Then, simply slip into those skyscraper heels for post work drinks for a more feminine edge. Don’t forget your scarlet red lipstick…

The winner though, has to be the shabby chic look as it optimises everything that is popular in the UK right now. The distressed, worn and handmade look can be so individual and offers and timeless quality and quirky charm. Online jewelry store Rustic Disguise has found this look to be the most popular with individual pieces from designer Heather Shaw flying off the shelves.

Let us know below what your top picks are for 2012…

Must Have Shoes for Winter 2012

Must Have Shoes for Winter 2012

 The New Year 2012 is going to be here soon but winters have made their way in much earlier. It’s time to pull your jackets and sweaters out of the closet and team them up with comfortable shoes that keep you warm and cozy through the day. Like the season, the trends are in for a change too, making it the perfect time to indulge in some shoe shopping. This season promises a variety of colors and designs making their way into the shoe collections by different brands. This season, indulge in deep hues of beige, burgundy, chocolate, violet, red, khaki and dark blue. Though the designs and colors galore, here are some pairs that you must have in your shoe closet this winter.

 Marc Joseph – Cypress Hill Moccasins

Cypress Hill Moccasins - By Marc Joseph
 Marc Joseph is one brand that comes out with innovatively styled shoes every year. This year around, the collection houses moccasins and loafers. One of the best shoes from the latest collection of men’s shoes is the Cypress Hill Moccasins. These shoes are made of genuine leather and are hand-stitched to offer you utmost comfort even during the coldest of days. Through hand stitching, the brand has tried to highlight the finer details of the shoes while making them look extremely cool and stylish. The padded footbed and rubber sole make these shoes irresistible for every man who wishes to combine comfort with looks. You can choose from a variety of colors to match your moods and be ready to rock!

 Glamourette, Icone – Louis Vuitton

 This winter 2012 is going to be special for all the ladies for they have a chance to own the new playfully stylish shoes from Louis Vuitton. The new collection by the brand comprises everything starting from heels to comfortable fur boots to keep you cozy. The variety of materials and designs makes this collection even more special for all the ladies out there. The collection has four lines to choose from. Take your pick from an assortment of sexy heels or comfy boots to snuggle up your feet.

 Alexander McQueen Puma Sneakers

 As the winter sneak in, it’s time to turn glamorous. Alexander McQueen’s collections have always been known for their ‘it’ factor and yet again, both these brands are here with these exquisite shoes to warm your feet. The sneakers have been named Mid Fur Bond and, as the name suggests, have been made using fur as one of the major components. These shoes are comfortable and fashionable at the same time and make for a perfect pair for not just this but every winter season. Available in black color, these shoes are meant for women of all ages who are looking for something different for their wardrobe this winter season. What makes these shoes stand out is the round tip, rubber sole and the fur, of course.

 Adorn your feet with any of the pairs listed above and be your stylish best this winter season.

 Cheryl Davis is a shoe stylist for With her years of experience in the clothing and shoe industry, she has used her expertise to create up to date designs for all of the Marc Joseph Shoes and many other companies as well.

Nov 27, 2011

Fashion and Function at Work

Anybody that has a successful career can tell you that in order to succeed at your job; you need to appear confident at whatever it is that you do.  If you are confident, people will trust you and feel confident that you know what you are doing. One great way to boost your confidence is by wearing up to date and fashionable clothing on the job.  If you look really good and sophisticated, your clients or consumers will think of you with high regards and trust that you know what you are doing.  What you wear is not everything, but it can take you really far.

Cherokee Mock Wrap Medical Scrubs
Put extra care and effort in to how you dress every day. There are many jobs that require a uniform. If you are involved in the medical industry then you are required to wear medicals scrubs to work every day. Even with a uniform, make sure to put some extra effort into getting the most up to date medical scrubs out there. Choose your uniform from a company such as Cherokee Medical Scrubs that offers up to date scrubs. Wearing cheap and ill-fitting scrubs will make you look unprofessional.  No longer do nurses sport the white caps and jackets that look like bags.  There are now so many choices of fashionable styles and designs that are up to date, slenderizing and let your function at your best.

Uniforms do make it a bit easier for you in some ways.  You don’t have the overwhelming feeling every season of starting from scratch.  That is why it’s a great idea for you to get some classic basics that can be mixed and matched.  A black blazer, can be worn over a simple sweater of any color, creating a whole new look each and every time that is sophisticated and professional.  A great pair of tailored pants will take you a long way as well. Choose some great accessories such as belts, fashion jewelry and a few pairs of shoes and boots and your all set.

Aside for buying up to date styles, you want to keep comfort and function in mind too.  You need clothing that will allow you do get the job done well.  For instance, if you are on your feet a whole day, you don’t want to find yourself in a pair of three inch heels, or you will pay for it at the end of the day.  If you are working with children, stay away from dry clean only outfits.  There are so many styles to choose from, opt for something that you will look great in and feel comfortable in as well.

One last thing to keep in mind is while you want to look great you will want to make a good impression as well.  You will want to adhere to your companies standards. Keep your employer in mind when you chose what to wear into the office. You are coming to work, so wear something appropriate for work.  Don’t wear something to provocative that will make heads spin having the reverse effect.   You work hard, and want to be successful; dressing right will assist you in doing just that.

Liz Taylor is a fashion consultant for  With years of experience in the clothing industry she has assisted in implementing higher standards of fashion for the Medical Scrubs  uniforms as well as the workplace at large.

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Nov 24, 2011

Mother of the Bride Outfit: Some Food for Thought

If you are the mother of a bride, then you might find yourself in a difficult situation with finding the right outfit. Mother of the bride outfits are fortunately provided by many designers and retailers so there is plenty to look at. If you are still unsure of type of style you are going to be wearing, have a read through this post.

Before choosing your style, make sure that you consult with your daughter first as she will have the “final say.” If your daughter has decided that there will be a dress code in terms of colour then this need to be taken into consideration. It is also important to wait with buying your outfit, until your daughter has bought the dress she likes. This will avoid a completely different style of clothing for both the mother and daughter, and will keep everything coherent.
Purple mini flower shift dress

Bramble shimmer shantung jacket
An example of something you could be wearing at your daughter’s wedding is this beautiful purple mini flower shift dress. It features a stunning laser cut satin flowers around the neck, all with bead centres. The dress has a back zip and would be perfect to wear to a wedding, or to any other special occasion. This bramble shimmer shantung jacket with a gentle grown on the neckline would fit perfectly to wear over the dress. It has ¾ sleeves and satin piping with a grosgrain bramble rosette that covers the hook.

When you purchase your outfit, make sure that it is not too tight. Many women buy a size smaller (as they believe it looks better) but find themselves feeling uncomfortable during the wedding, as it is simply too small. It is always better to stick to your own size of to even buy a size larger as the wedding is a special but also long day, so feeling comfortable should be prioritized. Happy shopping!

Nov 18, 2011

6 Jaw-Dropping Bridal Jewelry Pieces That Will Make Your Wedding Great

Planning a wedding alone can be a stressful, yet memorable experience. Before you can plan a complete wedding wardrobe, picking the pricier items (bride's dress, jewelry for the wedding party, etc.) is important. Choosing the perfect engagement ring and wedding band can be difficult because of both price variations and styles. Once the right ring has been chosen, incorporating other pieces of jewelry on your wedding day can be just as difficult. Here is a list of the top 6 exquisite bridal jewelry pieces that will help make any bride shine on her big day:
 The first piece of jewelry is a stunning engagement ring from Bridal by Luxury Bazaar. This stunning engagement ring is 14K white gold with a 0.75 ct. diamond in the middle. 6 smaller diamonds line the raised 0.75 ct. diamond on the band. The original retail price of this ring is $7,061.00, but Luxury Bazaar offers the ring for $1,569.00. This ring is a great choice for the traditional bride looking for a simple, elegant feel.

 If a bride is looking for a more extravagant, yet price-friendly engagement ring, the Radiant Star 5/8 ct. diamond engagement ring is the perfect choice. This ring is a 14K white gold ring with a princess cut diamond in the middle. The center diamond is 1/3 ct. and is surrounded by round brilliant cut accent diamonds. This piece is from Helzberg Diamonds and also contains an IGI Certificate of Quality Assessment. This extravagant ring does not come with an extravegent price; for only $1,999.00, any bride will feel like a princess.

 Popular wedding dresses are usually strapless and incorporate many crystal or pearl embellishments. If this sounds like the dress you picked, Anna Bellagio has the perfect necklace to accompany it. The Alana Pearl and Rhinestone Necklace is a choker style necklace that incorporates the shine and sparkle that your dress has. This necklace is adjustable between 13 inches and 15 inches. Price is not an issue to get a beautiful necklace for your wedding day, as this choker only costs $42 and will look beautiful in each of your wedding pictures.
If your wedding decor and dress have a vintage style and feel, finding the right jewelry will not be difficult. Tejani jewelry offers a special vintage y-shaped necklace that will suit your needs. This necklace is adjustable and is 16 inches long. Tejani jewelry sells this necklace for $195.00. The great thing about this necklace is that it can be paired with many different wedding styles and colors that aspire to a vintage or retro feel.

 Earrings are distinct pieces of jewelry which can add elegance to the hair style and facial features of any beautiful bride. Tigerlilly has many different types of earrings which sould appeal to any different style that the bride wants to achieve. For a bride with a simple, chic gown, the Mischka Earrings would be a perfect choice. Pairing these Swarovski crystal earrings with a simple gown will add the right amount of sparkle that every bride desires. The Mischka Earrings are 2 inches in length and only cost $80. These earrings will make an even bolder statement if the bride chooses to wear her hair in an up-do.

 Bracelets are an uncommon bridal accessory, but they will enhance the overall look of the bride. For brides who prefer pearl jewelry over diamonds and crystals, a beautiful pear bracelet will do the job perfectly. Bonita J offers many different styles of pearl bracelets that a bride will fall in love with at first sight. One of the most popular bracelets is the Audrey Pearl Cluster Bracelet. This bracelet is $59 and consists of a chain bracelet and clusters of pearls. Another great feature about this bracelet is that it is available in different shades of white and ivory to match the bride's dress perfectly.

 These 6 jaw-dropping bridal jewelry pieces will give brides the exact style and feel they want for their wedding and their outfit. Whether you want to be a traditional, vintage, or extravagant bride, with exquisite jewelry like this on your side, you're sure to look gorgeous on your big day!

Nov 17, 2011

New Madison Gathered Leather Sophia Satchel

Bags! Don’t we just love them? They come in every color, size and texture. One of my favorite brands when it comes to bags is Coach. For this season, Coach has come up with another new design – the Madison Gathered Leather Sophia Satchel. Available in cappuccino, black, silver and brass, this bag can be the perfect accessory to your winter outfits. The leather is soft and supple and it has a zip-top closure for easy access with luxurious purple lining. It has a handle with a 5 inch drop and a longer strap for shoulder wear. So you can wear this bag in two ways.

 There may be tons of other brands out there but you can always rely on Coach to give you a quality bag for a good price. Design wise, this is one tough bag to beat. The gathered leather adds a nice touch to it and its multifunction pockets allow you functionality. It comes in four colors but my personal favorite is the one in red. It’s very eye catching. It’s the type of bag you’d probably see Blair Waldorf bringing around Columbia. The Madison Gathered Leather Sophia Satchel comes in two sizes. The smaller one is priced at $498 while the bigger size is priced at $598.

 I’m a bag girl so I wouldn’t mind splurging on at least two colors of this one. After all, a girl can never have enough bags.

"Amy C. is an interior decoration aficionado and online marketer. She also likes testing and trying new home and office decorating themes. In addition to being an interior decoration hobbyist, she enjoys designing calming solar fountains and glass art. Amy invites you to browse her delightful collection of glass vases"

Nov 12, 2011

Seasonal Changeover: Finding Room for Your New Wardrobe

Now that the mercury in thermometers across the Northern part of America are starting to fall along with the autumn leaves, it is time to start putting away your summer flip flops, cargo roll up capri pants and short sleeve tee shirts and take out your fall must have fashion items. For most women, it is also time to fill in your wardrobe with this season's hottest shoe styles, funkiest new accessories and beautiful sweaters, corduroy pants and other clothes in fall's palette of bold colors.

Fashion fiends do not have to throw out their entire wardrobes to be fashionable for this season. You can save money on your fall shopping spree by shopping your closet before you start shopping in stores. Carefully sort your clothes into piles of items to wear this season, keep for future seasons and things that you are confident you will never wear again. If you are ready to part with an item, then do not throw it out. Instead, bag it and find a local charity that you can donate your gently used clothing and shoes to so that someone else can benefit from your generosity.

While deciding which items to keep, look for tailored separates which will match this season's streamlined aesthetic. Crisp buttoned down blouses with fun stripes and cuffs, wide legged trousers in neutral colors and cowl neck sweaters are all excellent staples for fall and winter this year. Shop around for vintage inspired accessories to add some feminine flair to your outfits, like a cloche or fedora hat adorned with a bow, feather or brooch. Enjoy the sparkle of a cocktail ring by shopping for a costume one at your favorite discount fashion store.

Do not forget about your shoes while assembling your fall wardrobe. The right pair of funky saddle shoe inspired oxfords can turn an otherwise neutral office outfit into an adorable ensemble that exudes your personality. Look for traditional shapes, like the penny loafers and and chukka boots, reinterpreted with rich colors and cool patterns from luxe footwear designers like Cole Haan, Sigerson Morrison, Coach and others. Pair them with argyle patterned socks in coordinating colors to keep the outfit from having too many colors. Of course, when in doubt, a solid colored trouser sock is always the right choice.
"Pair them with argyle patterned socks..."
While you might rue the winter weather, you can still enjoy the sartorial choices of a fun winter coat. A single breasted camel hair coat is a luxurious, warm and long lasting classic. Depending on how concerned you are with finding one with a name brand label, you may be able to find one for under $300. Similarly, while a Burberry branded trench coat for the wet fall weather will cost you nearly a $1,000 or more depending on the style, there are plenty of adorable khaki colored trench raincoats available for much more reasonable prices. You can either see the splurge as an investment in years of wear or opt for the less expensive option and have more money left over to spend on colored leather gloves, a new umbrella or other new fall and winter fashion favorites!

This article was contributed by Sara Woods, a writer for Coupon Croc, the best place to find Pure Collection discount codes to save on all the hottest fashion trends this season.

Nov 9, 2011

Winter’s latest fashion trends: Some styling tips for Christmas Dresses

With the winter approaching it is time for us ladies to change our outfits from less to more, in order to keep ourselves nice and warm. The thing is though; I am not really keen on woollen sweaters; scarfs or boots that will keep you warm because I’m not really a big fan of winter clothing (too much fabric!). That’s why I am here to give you some tips on how to style and accessorize Christmas dresses.

Christmas Dresses
If you like sparkles and glitter when going out for special winter occasions, such as work Christmas parties or New Year’s Eve, you could consider buying one of the above. They will definitely make you stand out, but be careful when you accessorize. It is not recommended to wear lots of sparkly jewellery with these dresses, as this would totally destroy the look. You can wear a pair of silver sparkly earrings but do not wear a big chunky necklace with it.

Glittery high heels
Sparkly dresses are in fashion, and so are the high heels. Again, either chose a sparkly dress or some glittery high heels, but do not combine both into one outfit. You could wear a normal black dress with these high heels, a black pair of trousers or some denim jeans to go with it. Important with glittery high heels is to not get them wet because you’ll lose the spark! A useful tip is to spray them in with hairspray. Leave them standing for at least a couple of hours before wearing them.

Happy shopping!

Aug 24, 2011

Fashion Accessories: More than just belts and jewellery!

People often struggle to accessorise their outfits, but they needn’t be daunted. Most opt for a belt, scarf or some jewellery to complement their ensemble, but accessorising needn’t stop there! Using accessories correctly can turn an outfit from understated, to stunning.

Although often overlooked, the correct pair of shoes can literally make or break an outfit. From striking heels with eveningwear, to the perfect trainers with streetwear, the importance of the right pair of shoes cannot be understated. A pair of jeans is incredibly versatile when accessorising with shoes. The same pair of denim could be worn in the evening with a nice pair of heels, or during the day casually with a pair of plimsolls!

A jacket can also be considered an accessory, as it can be used to compliment your overall outfit (as well as being practical!). A tailored jacket can be used to compliment or understate your figure; they’re extremely good at tapering in a larger stomach or posterior! An added bonus is that a nicely fitted jacket will never truly go out of style! If you have access to a vintage store, you can often find classic, timeless jackets at great prices.

Your hair is also an accessory to your outfit, although it isn’t often used as such. Hair can be incredibly versatile, and can be styled to suit each particular outfit. Put your hair up for work for a glamorous, yet smart look. Combs, jewels and other hair accessories are another great way to maximise the impact your hair has. In the summer, try wearing some flowers! It’s a bold statement that can make massive impact with a suitable accompanying outfit.

Shawls, a practical alternative to scarfs, can also make great accessories. In the winter months they’re a great way to wrap up in a stylish, layered fashion. Due to their recent rise in popularity, there are shawls for every occasion, for any outfit. Find a colour and material that suits the look you’re attempting; don’t feel that you are restricted to the classic cotton shawl that your grandmother may have worn!

Essentially any piece of clothing can be used as an accessory, if its primary function is to complement the rest of the outfit. Experiment with colours and fabrics to create contrast, or simply to add depth or layers to your outfit. Be brave and stand out from the crowd!

Sugar Skull is a new clothing brand from the UK, bringing contemporary, stylised streetwear to the masses!

Aug 23, 2011

Shopping in NY by

Shopping In New York

Shopping is many things to a number of different people, for some it is the perfect experience and they would be happy to spend all day going from shop to shop but for other´s it can be their idea of hell. Here, I will try to help everyone in trying to provide you with some shops in New York that should be visited by visitors to this wonderfiul city, no matter your views on shopping.

Adidas Orginal´s Store

The Adidas Orginal brand is one of the most iconic brands and logos in retailling and everyone recognises the famous three stripes and if you want a piece of this then this is the perfect place for you as this huge megastore will amaze you with the numebr of items showcasing the three stripes so a lack of choice will not be a option.

American Girl Place

This is not the typical New York shop, selling eighteen inch dolls, which are then placed all over the shop showcasing different design´s making a visit worth it for more than just shopping. Also in the store are a cafe, a bookshop and a theatre where the dolls are brought to life. So even if you have no desire to buy a doll then this shop is still a entertaining visit.

Apple Store Soho

One of the most interesting shops in New York is the Apple store from the magnificent glass stairway central to the store or the genuis bar upstairs where you can test your knowledge against the experts. If you just want to be educated then you can go to one of the free instructional seminars run during the day or even if you just wnat to play around with the latest Apple gadgets then this is the place for you.


One of New York´s most iconic and famous shops is Bloomingdale´s. Selling all of the major designers. It does get very crowded however as you would expect from such a popular store so is one to avoid if you are not comfortable in large crowds, but is must for the keen shopper.

FAO Schwarz

When German immigrant Frederick August Otto Schwarz came to America in 1862, he began to sell European toys to rich Americans. The prefect spot if it is toys that you are looking for or want to entertain the kids as the shop sells everything from Train sets to board games and even Candy.

Greenmarket at Union Square

One of the biggest market in New York is the Greenmarket. Farmers from as far as Vermont come to this market. The marketis on four times a week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The markets offers the freshest produce available and is a interesting visit.


Like Bloomingdale´s, one of the most iconic shops in New York is Macy´s. It is full of the most iconic brands in shopping such as Dior, Gucci and more.

Madison Avenue

This strip of shops in New York offers some of the finest shops and brands available such as Calvin Klein, Jean Paul Gautier and Georgio Armani as well as also the flagship stores for Prada, Hermes and Chanel so if designers are your thing then these are the shops for you.

NBA Store

Once you visit America then you notice how crazy about Basketball they are so the chance to visit the flagship store of the whole franchise is not to be missed by any Basketball fans. The shops sells any Basketball jersey you desire as well as numerous oither items such as souvenirs like keyrings and much more.


The Nike swoosh is one of the most iconic in sport and is instantly recognised by almost everyone so the if you want to buy a item of clothing containing the swoosh then come to the Nike store as it sells everything you would ever care to want all brandished with the Nike tick.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue is a upmarket department store that will cater to all of your needs as it houses some of the finest American designers as well as some of the finest from across the pond as some of Europe´s finest designers are also showcased and sold here.


Everyone has heard of SoHo and it is a worth a visit for the atmosphere of the place alone although the shopping is also excellant. SoHo is essentially a outdoor shopping mall but with its cobblestoned streets and its loftlike spaces, it is a much more enjoyable experience then just walking around a shopping mall. A great experience.

Sony Style

If you are a fan of gadgets and love nothing better then to see and play around with latest high-tech piece of equimpment the Sony Style store is for you as the sheer size of the store allows you to see every gadget that you want.

Strand Book Store

If you want to buy a second hand book in New York then the best place to go is the Strand Book Store. It has the look and style of a flea market but has a incredible range of books at very cheap prizes so promises a very rewarding experience if you want a second hand book.

Tiffany & Co

One of the world´s most famous jewelry brands is undoubtly Tiffany & Co. SO if want to get something special for yourself or a loved one then this is the place for you to go or even if you just want to marvel at the beauty of some ofthe jewelry on offer while forgetting the price. Either way, Tiffany & Co is a great visit and of course everyone wants to recieve a gift in a little blue box from Tiffany´s.

New York is one of the world´s premier cities and its shopping is also some of the best worldwide but due to the size of this city and its shopping district, it is impossible to sum it up in one article but I hope you have found this interesting and if you wish to add any of your favourite places then just leave a comment.

Article written by traveller and blogger for, providers of vacation rentals New York.

Aug 8, 2011

Top 10 Fashion Designers of 2011

In 2011, fashion heads in both directions: the past and the future. Designers are enjoying incorporating past recollections into their modern work, and the best designers fail to disappoint when they bring in the new.

Elie Saab
Classic Hollywood gowns returned this year and blended with some ethereal accents in Elie Saab’s SS collection. It would be no surprise seeing the likes of Grace Kelly in any of these diaphanous white and silver gowns. The beauty of Saab’s work this year is in watching the fabric flow on these garments—nothing else captures wistfulness like draped tulle on a runway.

Victoria Beckham
This year, Beckham’s bold collections are establishing her foothold in fashion. Her mature designs feature the crisp lines and panels that form a vital part of high fashion. Although her garments may not necessarily be daring, they would have high fashion potential if not for her choice of basic materials like cotton, lamé, and silk, which render them better on the racks than the runway.

Missoni continues the legacy of a fashion house devoted to powerful patterns and a potpourri of knitwear. Taking a cue from the traditional African kangas and kitenges, Missoni’s summer collection boasts festive knits and vibrant colors. Winter brings more patterns again, but this time in fantastical pastels and languid, shimmering crepon. This is fashion with excitement.

Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen lives on in 2011 with stunningly regal collections that demand much more than a second glance. Intricate patterns and pleats bring new shapes to traditional trousers, skirts and lapels in both collections.

David Koma
A new face in the design world, David Koma is receiving growing attention this year with his most recent collections gracing London’s fashion week. This is a designer who loves leather, and with the help of his friends in St Petersburg, David Koma brings his space-age designs to the catwalk.

Ann Demeulemeester
Black is Ann’s base color, highlighting her angular cuts and patterns. Couple this with her collection’s one-legged trousers for fashion’s next forward-thinker.

If any designer could appropriate flats to the haute couture runway, Chanel is the one to do it. The same goes for combining sequined leggings with a remarkable Jackie O tweed coat. It goes unsaid: leave it to Chanel.

Dolce & Gabbana
This season brings out the masculine side of Dolce in a fleet of double-breasted blazers and pleated trousers. Pair these with the featured star polka dotted dresses for a conspicuous homage to the zoot suit and swing era.

Salvatore Ferragamo
Powerful shoulder lines and a strict black and white color palette define this Italian company as uncompromising as the family who runs it.

Bottega Veneta
Like many designers this year, Bottega Veneta harkens to the 1960s for inspiration, proudly returning with wearable fashion. As always, Bottega’s signature handbags accompany their looks.
Boutique1 are a high end fashion boutique offering a wide range of the worlds best fashion designers.

Jul 11, 2011

Best Womens Golf Shoes For Summer 2011

Dawgs Women's Golf Spirit

Dawgs Golf Shoes
The first stop for the 2011 Womens Golf Shoes list is Dawgs. Dawgs are actually some of the most interesting footwear to hit the fairway this season. They have that Crocs feeling, but light on the hideousness. The Dawgs are extremely light weight, and under seven ounces. They have a rubber outsole with molded rubber spikes, offering both comfort and stability.

Dawgs golf shoes can be found in the "Women's Golf Spirit" style, along with other more casual styles including the 3 strap rubber sole, rubber sole flip flops, and women's Dawg spirit.

Puma Sunny Golf Shoe

The Puma Sunny Golf Shoe

Next on the list is the Puma Sunny Golf Shoe with superior comfort and style. These stylish Pumas offer water-resistant synthetic uppers for durability and moisture control. Allow the innovative cleat system help you stabilize from backswing to follow-through and comfortably explore all aspects of the fairway with cushioned midsole.

Nike Women's Golf Shoes

Nike Air Summer Lite III Women's Golf Shoe

The Nike Air Summer Lite III has some of the most impressive and revolutionary technology ever developed by Nike. With encapsulated air to cushion the footstrike, you'll be surprised at how little you felt the last 18.

Other remarkable aspects of the Nike Air Summer Lite III's include integrated traction for stability and balance, full-length sockliner for comfort and a strong mesh upper for breathability. The leather is synthetic for quick, easy cleaning. This is one of the hottest golf shoes of 2011, make sure to check them out!

Sesto Meucci Women's Gabian Golf Shoe

Sesto Meucci Women's Gabian Golf Shoe

Admittedly the Sesto Meucci Women's Gabian Golf Show is not "her best deal." It's not even in the ball park of a deal. It might possibly be the most expensive pair of golf shoes we'll ever add to this site.

They are, however, awesome. They are eligible for free shipping (that justifies something right?)! The Gabian is expensive, but not unattainable, as they come in under the $300 mark. They're Italian for God sake and you deserve it!!!

From Amazon: The quilted Nappa leather upper and slim laces are charming and feminine, while the cushioned insole and sturdy rubber cleat offer the comfort and traction you need to tackle any course. Sesto Meucci has the latest silhouettes, colors, and textures made in Italy and Spain by the finest Italian technicians. Their reputation for fit and comfort has been well known and uncompromised for 30 years.

Callaway Women's Batista Golf Shoes

Callaway Women's Batista Golf Shoes
Classic, stylish, and solid. The Batistas are low profile, patent and tan leather shoes.


  • Soft full-grain leather
  • Flex comfort outsole
  • 6 New Chevron Comfort Spikes for superior traction
  • 2-Year Waterproof Limited Warranty
Whether you're looking for comfort or style, stability or stamina, you can find it here at Her Best Deal. Make sure to check out Amazon, our trusted partner, for a great selection of Womens Golf Shoes for under $100.

Jul 5, 2011

Picking Gowns for Body Types

Wedding Dress
Its time to pick a dress! Doesn’t matter if it is for yourself, your bridesmaids, or your mother, you want everyone looking fabulous! Here are some tips on dressing for various body types.

Pear Shape- If the upper body is noticeably smaller than the lower body, then you have a pear shape. Look for gowns with skirts that start to flair out from the natural waistline. This will highlight the waistline while hiding the larger hip area. Fabrics that are stiffer will be best because they will not cling to the body.

Apple Shape - If the upper body is noticeably larger than the lower body, then you have an apple shape. Look for gowns that will cinch you in at the waist and then starts to go out over the hips. Avoid trumpet styles because they will emphasis the larger half of your body.

Hourglass Shape - If the body is curvy with a clearly defined waistline than you have an hourglass figure. You are lucky because you can wear almost anything. Look for gowns that will emphasise your bust and waistline. Stay away from anything shapeless that is going to hide your curves.

Rectangle Shape - If the body is straight up and down with less defined curves than you have a rectangular figure. Look for gowns that will add curves where you don’t have them. Try a bias cut sheath gown or a full skirt that will give you a defined waistline.

Busty - If you have a larger bust line look for a scoop or sweetheart neckline. These cuts will open up your face and shoulders without showing to much cleavage. Try to stay away from fabrics with a sheen or gown that feature ruching at the bodice because they will add volume to the area.

Plus Sized - Look for plus-sized wedding gowns such as Aline with empire waistlines. Try to go for more structured fabrics than flowy ones. Loose fitting gowns with flowing fabrics tend to make the gowns look more like maternity wear than formal.

Tall - If you are on the tall side stick to simple shapes. Make sure that everything is proportional to your height; check the waist, hem, and sleeve length to make sure everything is where it should be. You want to look elegant, not like your gown is to small for you! Don’t be afraid to use your height to make a statement but when in doubt lean towards simplicity.

Petite - Try gowns that are more fitted such as sheath and modified Aline which will give you the appearance of more height. Stay away from gowns with more volume such as ball gowns because they will make you look shorter. Also try to avoid gowns with dropped waists because they will make your torso look disproportionate to your legs.

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I like to spend my free time writing about everything from cheap wedding gowns to designer clothing.

Jun 20, 2011

The Royal Wedding Continues to Charm

It seems like forever ago since Kate Middleton lived out the dream of little girls everywhere by marrying her prince and stepping into her new role as future monarch of Great Britain. So familiar have images of loved-up Kate and Prince William become that a time when they weren’t blissfully wed has become a distant memory.

It’s doubtful that the Royal Wedding, which took place on April 29, will be forgotten anytime soon though. The special day will go down in history for obvious reasons but fashion fans will remember it as a catwalk spectacle on the hugest possible scale. The bride looking radiant in a dress designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, guests (including style icon Victoria Beckham and hat-happy Princess Beatrice) making an impression, and – of course – little sis Pippa Middleton scoring admirers around the world in that white dress.

The global interest in the event has manifested itself in the form of fashion items that everyone can enjoy. Summer brides-to-be are taking a lot of cues from the bride of the year, with replica dresses available at budget prices. It’s not just the wedding dress that has caught the imagination though, with Royal Wedding-themed jewellery also continuing to charm...

Following the announcement of the engagement in 2010, which saw Kate wear the 18ct blue sapphire and white diamond ring passed down to William from Princess Diana, similar rings have started to trend with blue CZ offering a cheap and cheerful alternative to the gem stone. Although the ring given to Kate on her big day is made from rare Clogau gold, wedding rings containing the Welsh gold remain available.

Meanwhile, fans of Pandora jewellery – and especially Pandora charms  – can keep a memory of the special day forever with a commemorative bead. The sterling silver heart has a sparkling blue stone at its centre and even features the happy couple’s initials ‘C & W’ engraved on the back. It’s only available until October so any collectors of limited edition Royal Wedding paraphernalia will want to get theirs quick sharp.

So, while the nuptials of the year, the decade, perhaps even the century are a thing of the past, they’ll continue to live on as a cultural event that defined 2011. Now, if only Prince Harry would hurry up and pop the question so we could enjoy the romance, the glamour and – yes – the fashion all over again.

Jun 16, 2011

The Wedding Band in Ancient Cultures

Although popularized in the 20th century, the tradition of the wedding band dates back as far as ancient Egypt, where men sometimes gave their intended brides rings made out of hemp, bone, leather, or ivory. These served not only as visual symbols of a woman's marital status, but were symbolically linked to the spiritual beliefs of the ancient Egyptians.

The ring, as an endless loop, symbolized to the Egyptians the eternal, unending nature of love, and the way that life returned to itself in death. The wedding band was also a gateway, a door, to the heart and spirit, and bore resemblance to both the moon and the sun, which Egyptians worshiped.

The tradition of wearing a wedding band gradually spread, and ancient Romans often used iron rings, to symbolize love's strength. The practice of wearing the wedding band on the third finger of the left hand is said to have begun in ancient Rome, as the Romans believed that a vein in that finger led directly to the heart. Although this has been scientifically disproven, the tradition survives nonetheless.

In many ancient cultures, the wedding ring was not as much a symbol of love as one of trust or ownership, particularly in patriarchal societies. Wedding bands could indicate "ownership" of a woman, or a groom's willingness to entrust her with his valuable property. It was not until much later, in medieval Europe, that wedding bands and engagement rings were inset with gems or other precious stones/metals, when they served to show off a man's wealth and status in society.

Although some modern couples may see the wedding band as a commonplace part of wedding traditions, it has a long, rich history of rich with symbolic meaning and depth for many cultures worldwide.

Tom Moore is an blogger and internet marketing enthusiast currently working for a number of internet companies as a web consultant , marketing expert and investor. Tom has a passion for jewelry and is currently writing for Brillianteers - Diamond Engagement Rings

May 27, 2011

What's Hot: Swimwear Trends for 2011

As the temperature soars, it’s time to break out your swimwear and cool down by hitting the beach, pool or simply sunbathing in the park.
If you want to stay on-trend in the swimwear stakes, whether you plan to catch some rays at a local beach, or somewhere totally tropical, take some inspiration from the swimwear fashion trends of 2011.

Vintage Inspired Swimwear

Take a cue from the 1950’s (think Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield) and opt for vintage inspired swimwear pieces that look set to be popular in 2011 and beyond.
Whether you want to look sophisticated, sultry or glamorous, a vintage styled piece of swimwear can help achieve your desired look. Vintage lace has been popular on the catwalks as well as the high street and this trend has extended to swimwear as well. Lace bikinis and swimsuits are making an appearance online, and on the high street, so keep your eyes peeled. Also look out for vintage patterns, such as nautical stripes, gingham checks and hawaiian prints.
When it comes to shape, one-piece swimsuits with cinched-in waists and high waisted bikini bottoms are both ideal. Sweetheart necklines and halternecks are ideal for the top half.

Crochet Bikinis

Staying on a vintage theme, crochet is another fabric which makes a nod to the 1970’s. Crochet bikinis and swimsuits are making an appearance so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one to suit.

Ruffled Swimwear

Ruffles are another feature that have become popular in the fashion stakes and swimwear is no exception.
Ruffled swimsuits and bikinis add a feminine feel and this is an easy trend to incorporate into your swimwear. Ruffled swimwear tends to be simple and straightforward in the remainder of their design with the ruffles taking centre stage.

One-Shoulder Swimwear

One-shoulder bikinis and swimsuits are back with a bang with even more of a focus on the shoulder strap through embellishing and colour. Look out for one shoulder swimsuit and bikinis with on-trend statement straps if you want to take a fashion forward step to the beach.

Cut-away Swimwear

Cut-out swimwear, or monokinis, have been high on the fashion radar for quite a while and this is a trend that looks set to continue.
Available in a variety of styles, colours and patterns these in-between pieces of swimwear offer the best of both worlds.

Printed Swimwear

If you haven’t already noticed, it’s all about prints when it comes to swimwear. From bold, futuristic prints to ethnic inspired patterns and colours, look out for some printed swimwear pieces to see you safely throughout the warmer weather.

Jennifer is a part of the digital blogging team at who work with a growing number of retail brands. For more information about me, or to keep up to date with the latest in retail news, check out my posts at or visit my Twitter account, @shoutingID.

May 20, 2011

Accessorizing with Designer Fashion Jewelry

They say that women can’t get enough of shopping, but this might be even more true about jewelry. The great thing about jewelry is that you don’t have to find the right size. It doesn’t matter how much pasta you ate the night before or how long it’s been since you visited the gym. Whether you’re wearing fashion rings, Designer necklaces or Designer earrings, jewelry is always there to make you feel fabulous.

While as a rule jewelry is always fun, if you want to really make an outfit pop, or want to make sure you don’t look too gaudy, here are a few good guidelines for different ways of accessorizing with jewelry:

Elegant: Most people think of Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O. when they think of elegance. If you’re after this look you’ll want to stick with simple, well-made classic pieces. You can wear earrings that are on the small side and perhaps a minimal necklace, but you really don’t want to go overboard for the elegant look. Diamond studs are always a classic—and classy—look that adds just a touch of sparkle to any outfit. Diamond studs are great if you want to polish your look just a bit without looking too dressed up.

Statement Pieces: If you’re just not the kind of girl that wants to look like everyone else at a party and really wants to stand out, you’re probably drawn to jewelry that is the same way. You might like big chunks of amber uniquely wrapped in silver, or feathery pieces that evoke something Native American, but whatever you're drawn to its sure to be unique.

The trick with wearing this kind of jewelry is to make sure you don’t take too many of these pieces out at once. Since your jewelry collection is likely to hold some truly standout pieces, let them stand out on their own; one at a time. Think of it like dating: If you’re seeing two great guys, you don’t take them both out on the same night! Letting whichever piece you choose for an evening get all the attention is the best way to avoid clashing. Remember you should be wearing your jewelry instead of the other way around.

Be yourself: The best advice for accessorizing is to like what you see in the mirror. If you feel great in your outfit and your jewelry, it will show on the outside. Whether you’re a minimalist or are the kind of girl who wishes she could wear all her jewelry everyday, wearing what you feel best in is the easiest, no-stress way to look good and feel great. Just don’t be afraid to break out of your normal routine once in a while to try something new!

(Guest post)

Apr 27, 2011

Finding the Right Jeans for Your Body Shape

Everyone loves wearing jeans - they're comfortable and go with everything. If you find a pair of jeans or a style that works for you and your body shape, you may wear them every day. Most women own numerous pairs of jeans, but everyone has that favorite pair that fits perfectly and is the pair they grab again and again. Today we're going to discuss how to find the right jeans for your particular body shape. Not every pair of jeans looks great on everyone. Some people can wear skinny jeans and look incredible, while a trouser style is better for other women. You usually have to try on many pairs of jeans to find the fit and style that's right for you.

The skinny jean is a relatively new style of jean. Basically, they are tight jeans that are slimly cut down through the entire leg. A skinny jean shows pretty much every lump and curve, so skinny jeans are best worn by thin, tall women with thin pins, including thin thighs. Skinny jeans look best on women with slim hips. So, if you are tall, thin, and athletic with narrow pins and hips, then the skinny jean should look amazing on you.

Most of us are not built like that. If you are curvier with larger hips, you should go for straight leg jeans that go straight down from the widest point of the hips to the ground. These jeans should not only be straight leg, but also be cut widely through the leg line. If you are curvy and wear jeans that are tight around your wide hips and then are tight through the pins, you will look very outbalanced. If your jeans are tight around your pins, it will make your hips look even wider in comparison. So, try on straight leg jeans or a trouser style jean if this is your body shape.

As far as the right rise for a pair of jeans, younger women who are thin should wear a low rise jean. This is a modern style and minimizes the appearance of your rear and stomach. No one should be wearing high rise jeans that go up as high as or higher than your navel. These are sometimes called mommy jeans and make the stomach and rear look larger than normal. If you are in your thirties or more, you should go for a mid-rise jean. This will not only help cover your curvier figure better, but will still minimize your stomach and rear end. Basically, you want to cover enough of the body to look appropriate without resorting to mom jeans that will make your stomach and back view look larger than they actually are.

Mitchell Gavillion, a graduate of Art Center College of Design is passionate about fashion, lifestyle and fitness writing. Mitchell has also written about online shopping tips & advice and even music. Some of his online shopping tips were featured on the Savoo Blog, an online saving site & blog.

Apr 20, 2011

Wardrobe Cluster – What To Buy

By: Daria Akhten

Legend has it that European women only buy about three clothing pieces per season. How do they do this? And more importantly, what is already in their wardrobe to buy just a few trends every year?

Every season, new styles emerge interspersed with well-established trends. Women with a complete wardrobe can purchase as little as one or two pieces of the trendiest items for the season. For me, this not only eliminates unnecessary expense as I rush to buy everything in sight, but it also allows for creativity. You can really establish your personal style when going through the clothes you already have, and seeing how they can be worn this season.

A traditional wardrobe cluster consists of pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a multitude of looks. It must include:

- jackets in solid colors
- dress shirts
- sweaters
- casual tops, like tanks and tees

- dress slacks or skirts
- denim
- pants or skirts in bright colors or patterns

- evening dress
- day dress

- coat, jacket, or trench coat (depending on climate)

- neutral color shoes and matching belts
- handbags
- various occasion jewelry

The trick is to create the wardrobe using garments made of excellent fabrics, and perfect construction. This way, it can be ensured that these pieces will last a long time. Once that is done, you can buy just the garments necessary to spice up your wardrobe.

There are several designers known for creating classic wardrobe staples. Carolina Herrera epitomizes class and elegance, and you can never find a better blouse than one of hers. Yves Saint Laurent is known for setting the standard in women’s’ fashion. Any piece from his collection is a great addition to a wardrobe. Of course, the most famous designer known for her jackets and suits is Chanel. If the clothing is out of your budget, go for a scarf or a pair of earrings to complete your looks.

It is important to understand how certain elements of an ensemble can change it completely. A blouse tucked in or out can make a big difference in an outfit. Having five tops and five bottoms instantly gives you twenty-five distinct looks. Changing the layering of these items allows for even more versatility. Accessories go a long way as well. A dress can be worn with a belt for a daytime look, with a statement necklace for a nighttime look. A pair of Christian Louboutin shoes can change any outfit from day to night, instantly.

Once your wardrobe cluster is complete, it becomes very easy to see what you need. When shopping, stay away from impulse buys, and choose garments that can be worn year round. Most importantly, have fun with it. Deciding on a personal style and look for yourself can be a great experience!

Apr 9, 2011

Unique Golf Clothing

Ladies golf clothing has changed a lot over the years, from cotton polo shirts and polyester plaid pants to bright-colored fitted tanks and shorts. Unique golf clothing is not as hard to find as it used to be, since ladies golf clothing lines now offer both traditional styles and newer trends. Even vintage golf clothing, for ladies who want to dress in the traditions of the early female golfers from the 1920s and `30s, is becoming more popular.

Ladies golf clothing is now form-fitted to the female figure for a more flattering look, yet it’s made from stretchy, moveable, breathable materials that keep you cool, dry, and much more comfortable. The colors have changed a lot too, from plaid and muted earth tones to the super bright colors that are currently popular in street clothing.

Thankfully, basic black and white have never gone out of style, so woman who wants to dress in chic clothing on the course can choose all black, while the practical woman who wants to stay cool in the hot summer sun (and show off her tan) can still look stylish in white at the same time.

Ladies Golf Shirts

Ladies golf shirts don’t look like they are made for men anymore. Cotton and polyester polo shirts have been replaced by lycra-based collared tanks and fitted polo-style shirts with shorter sleeves that end just below the shoulder. Many shirts come in a tailored or trimmed V-neck style sans buttons, while others offer a scoop-neck that shows a little more skin and allows more opportunities to accessorize.

Three-quarter sleeved shirts are also a good find for the spring and fall months or for those who want a little extra protection from the sun. In both pullover or button-up options, these shirts look more like street clothing and less like sports tops, providing fashion on and off the course. And with all these different shirts to choose from, female golfers can find a style that’s unique to them without looking like every other player on the course.

Women’s Golf Skorts

A women’s golf skort is one item that’s unique to female golfers and isn’t based on men’s golf clothing styles. A skort is a skirt with shorts built in underneath, so the skirt hides the shorts until you bend over to pick up your ball, when the hidden shorts protect you from showing too much skin to other players on the course. Skorts are extremely comfortable, functional, and stylish all at the same time. They allow you the sexy look and feel of a short shirt with the comfort of shorts. Skorts can be found in a variety of styles, including straight, pleated, and ruffled.

Guest post

Mar 19, 2011

Mila Kunis SAG Awards Dress Replica

Mila Kunis SAG Award Dress

Mila Kunis SAG Award Dress
Unforgettable. One of the best words that can describe the Mila Kunis SAG Awards dress this year. Kunis burned up the Red Carpet in the stunning and controversial, red stapless Alexander McQueen dress. This piece stems from McQueen's 2011 resort collection. Fashion critic Joan Rivers of Fashion Police on E! was quoted saying "She looks like she just mopped up a crime scene." Rivers also commented "She looks like she's taking a mid-wifing course so she can deliver Natalie Portman's baby." Regardless of what the so-called fashion critics said about Mila, the blogosphere was set ablaze with chat and complements about the dress. Many were looking for the perfect Mila Kunis SAG Award dress replica not days after the star was photographed wearing the knockout number.

Mila Kunis SAG Awards Accessories

What is the perfect accompaniment to wear with an Alexander McQueen dress? How about some stunning Cartier Jewelry? It's not just pretty and shinny... it's $300K worth of pretty and shinny!  Guiliana Rancic even pointed out a piece worth an estimated $100K during a short interview on Red Carpet with Mila.

Mar 18, 2011

Unique Jewelry

Five Places to Find Unique Jewelry

Do you feel like you’ve gotten into a rut shopping at the same old shops? Or maybe you love the jewelry you already have but want some fun, funky pieces to shake things up once in awhile. If you’re feeling fresh out of ideas, here are a few suggestions for places to look for that next fabulous piece of jewelry.

The Internet: Finding fashion jewelry online can be fun and easy with a seemingly endless supply of styles to choose from. There are plenty of online fashion boutiques to choose from. Try websites like for homemade products by independent designers like Reckless Crush, many of which are one of a kind. Look for fashion earrings online as there are a practically unlimited amount of styles and price ranges to choose from.

Antique Shops: Don’t just go antiquing to find furniture. Many antique and thrift stores sell used jewelry. This can be a great way to find a period piece, or even just something that you wouldn’t see at today’s jewelry stores. It can be fun knowing that you have a piece of jewelry that has a lot of history. Some stores may even have the back stories that go with particular items.

Garage Sales: If you’re feeling energetic, hit the garage sales on Saturdays or Sundays. Most of the time, you may not find anything of interest or any quality pieces, but you never know when you might come across something really spectacular or something unique that you absolutely love.

Friends: I don’t know about you but I have quite a few girl friends that are pretty crafty in their free time. If you haven’t already been lucky enough to receive any homemade jewelry for Christmas or a birthday, try asking your friends if any of them are into making jewelry. Sometimes people have hobbies that they simply never bother to mention, even to their close friends. Another tactic to try is to ask any friends that you know are traveling in the near future to look for some great jewelry while they are on their trip. Most tourists find it fun to shop for their friends—especially if they know you want something specific. You can also offer to pay for an item if you have something expensive in mind. Of course this brings me to my last suggestion for finding distinctive jewelry.

Travel: Never mind asking your friends! Taking a vacation soon? Or need an excuse to plan one? Many tourist destinations have great shopping options and as a bonus you can get something that none of your friends will have!

(guest post)

Mar 7, 2011

Bikini Styles and Colours

Guest post:
It is getting close to the time to get your swimsuit out of your drawer, but for some, this can be scary. Some may have gained unwanted weight over the winter, but do not be discouraged. With the various styles and colors of bikinis available, you are certain to find the right one for you.

General fashion rules also apply for swimsuits. If you would like to highlight your attributes, it is best to use light colors, whereas if you want to appear thinner in an area, it is better to use muted tones. A dark suit will give your body a slimmer appearance; you can do better with colors. If you want to give your hips a slimmer look, pair a dark colored bottom with a light colored top. This will draw unwanted attention away from your bottom to your bust.

If you are looking at bikinis in prints, it is important to not the color and size of the print, as well as where it is located once on your body. Prints with a dark background tend to slim more, and swirling prints prevent the eye from taking focus on any particular area. For the most part, shiny swimwear makes your body look larger than it is. To prevent this, try to choose a lustreless suit, or, if you must have the shine, choose one in a dark color.

When shopping for the perfect bikini, often they have different appliqués that can and will draw attention. If you choose a suit that has different detailing, be sure that they are located in parts that will draw attention to your attributes, and away from your less attractive traits.

Many women that are dissatisfied with their figure often think that more swimsuit is better, when in fact, the opposite is true. By using a large swath of fabric to cover your bottom will likely draw more attention to it. As an example, women with wider hips often make the mistake of thinking that a skirted suit is the best option, as it will cover their hips better. The problem is that the skirt flares the widest parts of the body, making them look bigger than they are. Your best option would be to select a bikini bottom with higher cut legs. So long as your swimsuit is comfortable and highlights your most flattering attributes, more skin generally equals more attractive.