Dec 11, 2011

A Gift for Every Gal

Yes, you read right. I’m going to tell you what the perfect gift is for almost any female.  This is the perfect gift idea for your sister, your best friend, the girl from book club or a coworker. This gift comes in a wide price range, so do not fret if your budget is lower this year or if you are a hardcore bargain shopper. It is a personalized gift that won’t leave the recipient offended. It’s not particularly ingenious either. Ready? It’s jewelry.

A lot of women cross jewelry off as an option because she herself may be picky about what pieces she wears. However, costume jewelry is meant to be fun. If the recipient is dear, such as a mother, there are many higher-end options that are lighthearted. The secret in gifting costume jewelry is to do a little bit of thinking about the person.

Think. What are this person’s hobbies or interests? Let’s use me as an example; my passions are my hometown of San Francisco and mathematics.

Next, make two keyword lists. One should be a list of types of jewelry such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, etc. Try thinking of synonyms for different types of jewelry such as studs. The second list should be terms related to the person’s interests. So for me, you may write down Golden Gate Bridge.

Now, put those online search engine skills to test. Amazon and Ebay are good places to start, as is Overstock. Try using Froogal, Google’s shopping search engine, or even just a general Google search. If you belong to members only shopping sites, definitely try searching through them.

So, what did you get me? This ring would’ve been a pretty obvious gift. Too obvious? Well, how about these math earrings for a more subtle approach? What if I were your niece or cousin? I’m sure you can find a soft, delicate yet affordable gold charm in the shape of the mathematical phi from an online realtor specializing in fraternity/sorority goods.

How easy was that? We just found two awesome gifts that tell me that you know and care about who I am. Now try again but this time, who are we going to cross off your holiday list?
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