Dec 2, 2011

Keeping Warm This Winter: Nightwear

We all look forward to buying our winter coat, something to keep us warm during the cold winter days but there are other winter essentials you should consider closely behind your winter coat purchase.

Looking good outside your home is important but looking good at home is just as important during the winter months and having nice clothes to slip into after a long cold day is a good way to warm up and relax in the evening, snuggling up with your favourite book and a cup of hot chocolate – or favourite tv show and a glass of wine.

"Wear your cashmere socks to bed..."
Starting from your feet and working upwards, consider some cashmere socks to keep your feet warm, they will be soft against your skin, warm for your toes and that feel of luxury really helps your feet settle after a long day – also when the weather gets colder you can wear your cashmere socks to bed to keep your toes nice and warm all night long.

Ladies pyjamas, look for cotton pyjamas for that soft, durable, warm feeling and choose a pattern you will be happy to be seen in for those moments when you have to run out to the bin in your pyjamas. Ladies pyjamas don’t always just have to be seen as something that you put on to go to bed now, where them to relax in and potter around the house like loungewear.

Dressing gowns are a good way to add another layer for colder nights, you can usually tell a good dressing gown by feeling how soft, warm and comfy they are - try a few on before you decide on one, as some can be overly heavy but they are a useful extra layer.

A good guideline is choose warm, soft and cosy but stylish nightwear and you will look forward to getting out of the cold and into your home.

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