Mar 19, 2011

Mila Kunis SAG Awards Dress Replica

Mila Kunis SAG Award Dress

Mila Kunis SAG Award Dress
Unforgettable. One of the best words that can describe the Mila Kunis SAG Awards dress this year. Kunis burned up the Red Carpet in the stunning and controversial, red stapless Alexander McQueen dress. This piece stems from McQueen's 2011 resort collection. Fashion critic Joan Rivers of Fashion Police on E! was quoted saying "She looks like she just mopped up a crime scene." Rivers also commented "She looks like she's taking a mid-wifing course so she can deliver Natalie Portman's baby." Regardless of what the so-called fashion critics said about Mila, the blogosphere was set ablaze with chat and complements about the dress. Many were looking for the perfect Mila Kunis SAG Award dress replica not days after the star was photographed wearing the knockout number.

Mila Kunis SAG Awards Accessories

What is the perfect accompaniment to wear with an Alexander McQueen dress? How about some stunning Cartier Jewelry? It's not just pretty and shinny... it's $300K worth of pretty and shinny!  Guiliana Rancic even pointed out a piece worth an estimated $100K during a short interview on Red Carpet with Mila.

Mar 18, 2011

Unique Jewelry

Five Places to Find Unique Jewelry

Do you feel like you’ve gotten into a rut shopping at the same old shops? Or maybe you love the jewelry you already have but want some fun, funky pieces to shake things up once in awhile. If you’re feeling fresh out of ideas, here are a few suggestions for places to look for that next fabulous piece of jewelry.

The Internet: Finding fashion jewelry online can be fun and easy with a seemingly endless supply of styles to choose from. There are plenty of online fashion boutiques to choose from. Try websites like for homemade products by independent designers like Reckless Crush, many of which are one of a kind. Look for fashion earrings online as there are a practically unlimited amount of styles and price ranges to choose from.

Antique Shops: Don’t just go antiquing to find furniture. Many antique and thrift stores sell used jewelry. This can be a great way to find a period piece, or even just something that you wouldn’t see at today’s jewelry stores. It can be fun knowing that you have a piece of jewelry that has a lot of history. Some stores may even have the back stories that go with particular items.

Garage Sales: If you’re feeling energetic, hit the garage sales on Saturdays or Sundays. Most of the time, you may not find anything of interest or any quality pieces, but you never know when you might come across something really spectacular or something unique that you absolutely love.

Friends: I don’t know about you but I have quite a few girl friends that are pretty crafty in their free time. If you haven’t already been lucky enough to receive any homemade jewelry for Christmas or a birthday, try asking your friends if any of them are into making jewelry. Sometimes people have hobbies that they simply never bother to mention, even to their close friends. Another tactic to try is to ask any friends that you know are traveling in the near future to look for some great jewelry while they are on their trip. Most tourists find it fun to shop for their friends—especially if they know you want something specific. You can also offer to pay for an item if you have something expensive in mind. Of course this brings me to my last suggestion for finding distinctive jewelry.

Travel: Never mind asking your friends! Taking a vacation soon? Or need an excuse to plan one? Many tourist destinations have great shopping options and as a bonus you can get something that none of your friends will have!

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Mar 7, 2011

Bikini Styles and Colours

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It is getting close to the time to get your swimsuit out of your drawer, but for some, this can be scary. Some may have gained unwanted weight over the winter, but do not be discouraged. With the various styles and colors of bikinis available, you are certain to find the right one for you.

General fashion rules also apply for swimsuits. If you would like to highlight your attributes, it is best to use light colors, whereas if you want to appear thinner in an area, it is better to use muted tones. A dark suit will give your body a slimmer appearance; you can do better with colors. If you want to give your hips a slimmer look, pair a dark colored bottom with a light colored top. This will draw unwanted attention away from your bottom to your bust.

If you are looking at bikinis in prints, it is important to not the color and size of the print, as well as where it is located once on your body. Prints with a dark background tend to slim more, and swirling prints prevent the eye from taking focus on any particular area. For the most part, shiny swimwear makes your body look larger than it is. To prevent this, try to choose a lustreless suit, or, if you must have the shine, choose one in a dark color.

When shopping for the perfect bikini, often they have different appliqués that can and will draw attention. If you choose a suit that has different detailing, be sure that they are located in parts that will draw attention to your attributes, and away from your less attractive traits.

Many women that are dissatisfied with their figure often think that more swimsuit is better, when in fact, the opposite is true. By using a large swath of fabric to cover your bottom will likely draw more attention to it. As an example, women with wider hips often make the mistake of thinking that a skirted suit is the best option, as it will cover their hips better. The problem is that the skirt flares the widest parts of the body, making them look bigger than they are. Your best option would be to select a bikini bottom with higher cut legs. So long as your swimsuit is comfortable and highlights your most flattering attributes, more skin generally equals more attractive.

Mar 3, 2011

Womens Golf Shoes For Sping 2011

Callaway Womens Golf Shoes

Callaway Ladies Golf Shoes
Ever heard of a pair of womens golf shoes that are embroidered with Swarovski Crystal? If you haven't, it is time to take a look at the Callaway Women's Brocade Golf Shoe. This shoe boasts not only unparalleled performance on the greens, but also exquisite style. These Callaways are dawned with a unique embroidering and Swarovski crystal accents.

Good Reviews

These Callaway ladies golf shoes also come with a full on 5 star customer review... well, make that four individual and separate, 5 star customer reviews. These kicks are scoring both style points and getting solid comfort reviews. Constructed of soft last full grain leather rubber, cushioned insole, with a padded collar and tongue, the Callaway Women's Brocade Golf Shoe is as practical, as it is fashionable. The shoes also boast RainSport/Drysport waterproof technology, couple all of this with sturdy Chevron comfort spikes for a perfect mechanical stability on even the slickest greens.
Callaway Women's Brocade Golf Shoe


The Callaway Women's Brocade Golf Shoe is available in:
  • White/Bog Green
  • White/Mint 
  • White/Teal 
  • White/Black