May 27, 2011

What's Hot: Swimwear Trends for 2011

As the temperature soars, it’s time to break out your swimwear and cool down by hitting the beach, pool or simply sunbathing in the park.
If you want to stay on-trend in the swimwear stakes, whether you plan to catch some rays at a local beach, or somewhere totally tropical, take some inspiration from the swimwear fashion trends of 2011.

Vintage Inspired Swimwear

Take a cue from the 1950’s (think Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield) and opt for vintage inspired swimwear pieces that look set to be popular in 2011 and beyond.
Whether you want to look sophisticated, sultry or glamorous, a vintage styled piece of swimwear can help achieve your desired look. Vintage lace has been popular on the catwalks as well as the high street and this trend has extended to swimwear as well. Lace bikinis and swimsuits are making an appearance online, and on the high street, so keep your eyes peeled. Also look out for vintage patterns, such as nautical stripes, gingham checks and hawaiian prints.
When it comes to shape, one-piece swimsuits with cinched-in waists and high waisted bikini bottoms are both ideal. Sweetheart necklines and halternecks are ideal for the top half.

Crochet Bikinis

Staying on a vintage theme, crochet is another fabric which makes a nod to the 1970’s. Crochet bikinis and swimsuits are making an appearance so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one to suit.

Ruffled Swimwear

Ruffles are another feature that have become popular in the fashion stakes and swimwear is no exception.
Ruffled swimsuits and bikinis add a feminine feel and this is an easy trend to incorporate into your swimwear. Ruffled swimwear tends to be simple and straightforward in the remainder of their design with the ruffles taking centre stage.

One-Shoulder Swimwear

One-shoulder bikinis and swimsuits are back with a bang with even more of a focus on the shoulder strap through embellishing and colour. Look out for one shoulder swimsuit and bikinis with on-trend statement straps if you want to take a fashion forward step to the beach.

Cut-away Swimwear

Cut-out swimwear, or monokinis, have been high on the fashion radar for quite a while and this is a trend that looks set to continue.
Available in a variety of styles, colours and patterns these in-between pieces of swimwear offer the best of both worlds.

Printed Swimwear

If you haven’t already noticed, it’s all about prints when it comes to swimwear. From bold, futuristic prints to ethnic inspired patterns and colours, look out for some printed swimwear pieces to see you safely throughout the warmer weather.

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May 20, 2011

Accessorizing with Designer Fashion Jewelry

They say that women can’t get enough of shopping, but this might be even more true about jewelry. The great thing about jewelry is that you don’t have to find the right size. It doesn’t matter how much pasta you ate the night before or how long it’s been since you visited the gym. Whether you’re wearing fashion rings, Designer necklaces or Designer earrings, jewelry is always there to make you feel fabulous.

While as a rule jewelry is always fun, if you want to really make an outfit pop, or want to make sure you don’t look too gaudy, here are a few good guidelines for different ways of accessorizing with jewelry:

Elegant: Most people think of Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O. when they think of elegance. If you’re after this look you’ll want to stick with simple, well-made classic pieces. You can wear earrings that are on the small side and perhaps a minimal necklace, but you really don’t want to go overboard for the elegant look. Diamond studs are always a classic—and classy—look that adds just a touch of sparkle to any outfit. Diamond studs are great if you want to polish your look just a bit without looking too dressed up.

Statement Pieces: If you’re just not the kind of girl that wants to look like everyone else at a party and really wants to stand out, you’re probably drawn to jewelry that is the same way. You might like big chunks of amber uniquely wrapped in silver, or feathery pieces that evoke something Native American, but whatever you're drawn to its sure to be unique.

The trick with wearing this kind of jewelry is to make sure you don’t take too many of these pieces out at once. Since your jewelry collection is likely to hold some truly standout pieces, let them stand out on their own; one at a time. Think of it like dating: If you’re seeing two great guys, you don’t take them both out on the same night! Letting whichever piece you choose for an evening get all the attention is the best way to avoid clashing. Remember you should be wearing your jewelry instead of the other way around.

Be yourself: The best advice for accessorizing is to like what you see in the mirror. If you feel great in your outfit and your jewelry, it will show on the outside. Whether you’re a minimalist or are the kind of girl who wishes she could wear all her jewelry everyday, wearing what you feel best in is the easiest, no-stress way to look good and feel great. Just don’t be afraid to break out of your normal routine once in a while to try something new!

(Guest post)