Nov 30, 2011

Dazzle this season with these ideas hot from the UK

Sparkle your way through this festive season with our hottest jewellery looks this winter. We have compiled a shortlist of the UK’s most desirable styles for an effortlessly chic look.

Shabby chic is trending big time in the UK and is all over the magazines and TV at the moment. Think rustic old keys and unusual objects on a string of pearls, vintage inspired bracelets with quirky charms and handmade earrings that all offer that something special and different from the norm. Best of all, these items are proving to be very popular shabby chic gifts amongst women of all ages. Mix the distressed look with clean lines, such as a simple tea dress, for the maximum impact.

Mixing gold and silver is the ultimate fashion no no, right? Think again! Gold and silver showcases an eclectic look and oozes glamour.  Team gold and silver rings, earrings, necklaces, bangles, whatever you can think of, don’t be scared to mix it up! With this look you need to keep the outfit simple, slip on your favourite LBD and really let the jewellery do the talking.
Shabby Chic Swirl Necklace
Forget patterns and prints, this season it’s all about the masculine look, a versatile style that will transition effortlessly between day and night. Scrape back your hair and invest in a country heritage cravat and team with your favourite brogues for the office and really work the masculine vibe. Then, simply slip into those skyscraper heels for post work drinks for a more feminine edge. Don’t forget your scarlet red lipstick…

The winner though, has to be the shabby chic look as it optimises everything that is popular in the UK right now. The distressed, worn and handmade look can be so individual and offers and timeless quality and quirky charm. Online jewelry store Rustic Disguise has found this look to be the most popular with individual pieces from designer Heather Shaw flying off the shelves.

Let us know below what your top picks are for 2012…

Must Have Shoes for Winter 2012

Must Have Shoes for Winter 2012

 The New Year 2012 is going to be here soon but winters have made their way in much earlier. It’s time to pull your jackets and sweaters out of the closet and team them up with comfortable shoes that keep you warm and cozy through the day. Like the season, the trends are in for a change too, making it the perfect time to indulge in some shoe shopping. This season promises a variety of colors and designs making their way into the shoe collections by different brands. This season, indulge in deep hues of beige, burgundy, chocolate, violet, red, khaki and dark blue. Though the designs and colors galore, here are some pairs that you must have in your shoe closet this winter.

 Marc Joseph – Cypress Hill Moccasins

Cypress Hill Moccasins - By Marc Joseph
 Marc Joseph is one brand that comes out with innovatively styled shoes every year. This year around, the collection houses moccasins and loafers. One of the best shoes from the latest collection of men’s shoes is the Cypress Hill Moccasins. These shoes are made of genuine leather and are hand-stitched to offer you utmost comfort even during the coldest of days. Through hand stitching, the brand has tried to highlight the finer details of the shoes while making them look extremely cool and stylish. The padded footbed and rubber sole make these shoes irresistible for every man who wishes to combine comfort with looks. You can choose from a variety of colors to match your moods and be ready to rock!

 Glamourette, Icone – Louis Vuitton

 This winter 2012 is going to be special for all the ladies for they have a chance to own the new playfully stylish shoes from Louis Vuitton. The new collection by the brand comprises everything starting from heels to comfortable fur boots to keep you cozy. The variety of materials and designs makes this collection even more special for all the ladies out there. The collection has four lines to choose from. Take your pick from an assortment of sexy heels or comfy boots to snuggle up your feet.

 Alexander McQueen Puma Sneakers

 As the winter sneak in, it’s time to turn glamorous. Alexander McQueen’s collections have always been known for their ‘it’ factor and yet again, both these brands are here with these exquisite shoes to warm your feet. The sneakers have been named Mid Fur Bond and, as the name suggests, have been made using fur as one of the major components. These shoes are comfortable and fashionable at the same time and make for a perfect pair for not just this but every winter season. Available in black color, these shoes are meant for women of all ages who are looking for something different for their wardrobe this winter season. What makes these shoes stand out is the round tip, rubber sole and the fur, of course.

 Adorn your feet with any of the pairs listed above and be your stylish best this winter season.

 Cheryl Davis is a shoe stylist for With her years of experience in the clothing and shoe industry, she has used her expertise to create up to date designs for all of the Marc Joseph Shoes and many other companies as well.

Nov 27, 2011

Fashion and Function at Work

Anybody that has a successful career can tell you that in order to succeed at your job; you need to appear confident at whatever it is that you do.  If you are confident, people will trust you and feel confident that you know what you are doing. One great way to boost your confidence is by wearing up to date and fashionable clothing on the job.  If you look really good and sophisticated, your clients or consumers will think of you with high regards and trust that you know what you are doing.  What you wear is not everything, but it can take you really far.

Cherokee Mock Wrap Medical Scrubs
Put extra care and effort in to how you dress every day. There are many jobs that require a uniform. If you are involved in the medical industry then you are required to wear medicals scrubs to work every day. Even with a uniform, make sure to put some extra effort into getting the most up to date medical scrubs out there. Choose your uniform from a company such as Cherokee Medical Scrubs that offers up to date scrubs. Wearing cheap and ill-fitting scrubs will make you look unprofessional.  No longer do nurses sport the white caps and jackets that look like bags.  There are now so many choices of fashionable styles and designs that are up to date, slenderizing and let your function at your best.

Uniforms do make it a bit easier for you in some ways.  You don’t have the overwhelming feeling every season of starting from scratch.  That is why it’s a great idea for you to get some classic basics that can be mixed and matched.  A black blazer, can be worn over a simple sweater of any color, creating a whole new look each and every time that is sophisticated and professional.  A great pair of tailored pants will take you a long way as well. Choose some great accessories such as belts, fashion jewelry and a few pairs of shoes and boots and your all set.

Aside for buying up to date styles, you want to keep comfort and function in mind too.  You need clothing that will allow you do get the job done well.  For instance, if you are on your feet a whole day, you don’t want to find yourself in a pair of three inch heels, or you will pay for it at the end of the day.  If you are working with children, stay away from dry clean only outfits.  There are so many styles to choose from, opt for something that you will look great in and feel comfortable in as well.

One last thing to keep in mind is while you want to look great you will want to make a good impression as well.  You will want to adhere to your companies standards. Keep your employer in mind when you chose what to wear into the office. You are coming to work, so wear something appropriate for work.  Don’t wear something to provocative that will make heads spin having the reverse effect.   You work hard, and want to be successful; dressing right will assist you in doing just that.

Liz Taylor is a fashion consultant for  With years of experience in the clothing industry she has assisted in implementing higher standards of fashion for the Medical Scrubs  uniforms as well as the workplace at large.

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Nov 24, 2011

Mother of the Bride Outfit: Some Food for Thought

If you are the mother of a bride, then you might find yourself in a difficult situation with finding the right outfit. Mother of the bride outfits are fortunately provided by many designers and retailers so there is plenty to look at. If you are still unsure of type of style you are going to be wearing, have a read through this post.

Before choosing your style, make sure that you consult with your daughter first as she will have the “final say.” If your daughter has decided that there will be a dress code in terms of colour then this need to be taken into consideration. It is also important to wait with buying your outfit, until your daughter has bought the dress she likes. This will avoid a completely different style of clothing for both the mother and daughter, and will keep everything coherent.
Purple mini flower shift dress

Bramble shimmer shantung jacket
An example of something you could be wearing at your daughter’s wedding is this beautiful purple mini flower shift dress. It features a stunning laser cut satin flowers around the neck, all with bead centres. The dress has a back zip and would be perfect to wear to a wedding, or to any other special occasion. This bramble shimmer shantung jacket with a gentle grown on the neckline would fit perfectly to wear over the dress. It has ¾ sleeves and satin piping with a grosgrain bramble rosette that covers the hook.

When you purchase your outfit, make sure that it is not too tight. Many women buy a size smaller (as they believe it looks better) but find themselves feeling uncomfortable during the wedding, as it is simply too small. It is always better to stick to your own size of to even buy a size larger as the wedding is a special but also long day, so feeling comfortable should be prioritized. Happy shopping!

Nov 18, 2011

6 Jaw-Dropping Bridal Jewelry Pieces That Will Make Your Wedding Great

Planning a wedding alone can be a stressful, yet memorable experience. Before you can plan a complete wedding wardrobe, picking the pricier items (bride's dress, jewelry for the wedding party, etc.) is important. Choosing the perfect engagement ring and wedding band can be difficult because of both price variations and styles. Once the right ring has been chosen, incorporating other pieces of jewelry on your wedding day can be just as difficult. Here is a list of the top 6 exquisite bridal jewelry pieces that will help make any bride shine on her big day:
 The first piece of jewelry is a stunning engagement ring from Bridal by Luxury Bazaar. This stunning engagement ring is 14K white gold with a 0.75 ct. diamond in the middle. 6 smaller diamonds line the raised 0.75 ct. diamond on the band. The original retail price of this ring is $7,061.00, but Luxury Bazaar offers the ring for $1,569.00. This ring is a great choice for the traditional bride looking for a simple, elegant feel.

 If a bride is looking for a more extravagant, yet price-friendly engagement ring, the Radiant Star 5/8 ct. diamond engagement ring is the perfect choice. This ring is a 14K white gold ring with a princess cut diamond in the middle. The center diamond is 1/3 ct. and is surrounded by round brilliant cut accent diamonds. This piece is from Helzberg Diamonds and also contains an IGI Certificate of Quality Assessment. This extravagant ring does not come with an extravegent price; for only $1,999.00, any bride will feel like a princess.

 Popular wedding dresses are usually strapless and incorporate many crystal or pearl embellishments. If this sounds like the dress you picked, Anna Bellagio has the perfect necklace to accompany it. The Alana Pearl and Rhinestone Necklace is a choker style necklace that incorporates the shine and sparkle that your dress has. This necklace is adjustable between 13 inches and 15 inches. Price is not an issue to get a beautiful necklace for your wedding day, as this choker only costs $42 and will look beautiful in each of your wedding pictures.
If your wedding decor and dress have a vintage style and feel, finding the right jewelry will not be difficult. Tejani jewelry offers a special vintage y-shaped necklace that will suit your needs. This necklace is adjustable and is 16 inches long. Tejani jewelry sells this necklace for $195.00. The great thing about this necklace is that it can be paired with many different wedding styles and colors that aspire to a vintage or retro feel.

 Earrings are distinct pieces of jewelry which can add elegance to the hair style and facial features of any beautiful bride. Tigerlilly has many different types of earrings which sould appeal to any different style that the bride wants to achieve. For a bride with a simple, chic gown, the Mischka Earrings would be a perfect choice. Pairing these Swarovski crystal earrings with a simple gown will add the right amount of sparkle that every bride desires. The Mischka Earrings are 2 inches in length and only cost $80. These earrings will make an even bolder statement if the bride chooses to wear her hair in an up-do.

 Bracelets are an uncommon bridal accessory, but they will enhance the overall look of the bride. For brides who prefer pearl jewelry over diamonds and crystals, a beautiful pear bracelet will do the job perfectly. Bonita J offers many different styles of pearl bracelets that a bride will fall in love with at first sight. One of the most popular bracelets is the Audrey Pearl Cluster Bracelet. This bracelet is $59 and consists of a chain bracelet and clusters of pearls. Another great feature about this bracelet is that it is available in different shades of white and ivory to match the bride's dress perfectly.

 These 6 jaw-dropping bridal jewelry pieces will give brides the exact style and feel they want for their wedding and their outfit. Whether you want to be a traditional, vintage, or extravagant bride, with exquisite jewelry like this on your side, you're sure to look gorgeous on your big day!

Nov 17, 2011

New Madison Gathered Leather Sophia Satchel

Bags! Don’t we just love them? They come in every color, size and texture. One of my favorite brands when it comes to bags is Coach. For this season, Coach has come up with another new design – the Madison Gathered Leather Sophia Satchel. Available in cappuccino, black, silver and brass, this bag can be the perfect accessory to your winter outfits. The leather is soft and supple and it has a zip-top closure for easy access with luxurious purple lining. It has a handle with a 5 inch drop and a longer strap for shoulder wear. So you can wear this bag in two ways.

 There may be tons of other brands out there but you can always rely on Coach to give you a quality bag for a good price. Design wise, this is one tough bag to beat. The gathered leather adds a nice touch to it and its multifunction pockets allow you functionality. It comes in four colors but my personal favorite is the one in red. It’s very eye catching. It’s the type of bag you’d probably see Blair Waldorf bringing around Columbia. The Madison Gathered Leather Sophia Satchel comes in two sizes. The smaller one is priced at $498 while the bigger size is priced at $598.

 I’m a bag girl so I wouldn’t mind splurging on at least two colors of this one. After all, a girl can never have enough bags.

"Amy C. is an interior decoration aficionado and online marketer. She also likes testing and trying new home and office decorating themes. In addition to being an interior decoration hobbyist, she enjoys designing calming solar fountains and glass art. Amy invites you to browse her delightful collection of glass vases"

Nov 12, 2011

Seasonal Changeover: Finding Room for Your New Wardrobe

Now that the mercury in thermometers across the Northern part of America are starting to fall along with the autumn leaves, it is time to start putting away your summer flip flops, cargo roll up capri pants and short sleeve tee shirts and take out your fall must have fashion items. For most women, it is also time to fill in your wardrobe with this season's hottest shoe styles, funkiest new accessories and beautiful sweaters, corduroy pants and other clothes in fall's palette of bold colors.

Fashion fiends do not have to throw out their entire wardrobes to be fashionable for this season. You can save money on your fall shopping spree by shopping your closet before you start shopping in stores. Carefully sort your clothes into piles of items to wear this season, keep for future seasons and things that you are confident you will never wear again. If you are ready to part with an item, then do not throw it out. Instead, bag it and find a local charity that you can donate your gently used clothing and shoes to so that someone else can benefit from your generosity.

While deciding which items to keep, look for tailored separates which will match this season's streamlined aesthetic. Crisp buttoned down blouses with fun stripes and cuffs, wide legged trousers in neutral colors and cowl neck sweaters are all excellent staples for fall and winter this year. Shop around for vintage inspired accessories to add some feminine flair to your outfits, like a cloche or fedora hat adorned with a bow, feather or brooch. Enjoy the sparkle of a cocktail ring by shopping for a costume one at your favorite discount fashion store.

Do not forget about your shoes while assembling your fall wardrobe. The right pair of funky saddle shoe inspired oxfords can turn an otherwise neutral office outfit into an adorable ensemble that exudes your personality. Look for traditional shapes, like the penny loafers and and chukka boots, reinterpreted with rich colors and cool patterns from luxe footwear designers like Cole Haan, Sigerson Morrison, Coach and others. Pair them with argyle patterned socks in coordinating colors to keep the outfit from having too many colors. Of course, when in doubt, a solid colored trouser sock is always the right choice.
"Pair them with argyle patterned socks..."
While you might rue the winter weather, you can still enjoy the sartorial choices of a fun winter coat. A single breasted camel hair coat is a luxurious, warm and long lasting classic. Depending on how concerned you are with finding one with a name brand label, you may be able to find one for under $300. Similarly, while a Burberry branded trench coat for the wet fall weather will cost you nearly a $1,000 or more depending on the style, there are plenty of adorable khaki colored trench raincoats available for much more reasonable prices. You can either see the splurge as an investment in years of wear or opt for the less expensive option and have more money left over to spend on colored leather gloves, a new umbrella or other new fall and winter fashion favorites!

This article was contributed by Sara Woods, a writer for Coupon Croc, the best place to find Pure Collection discount codes to save on all the hottest fashion trends this season.

Nov 9, 2011

Winter’s latest fashion trends: Some styling tips for Christmas Dresses

With the winter approaching it is time for us ladies to change our outfits from less to more, in order to keep ourselves nice and warm. The thing is though; I am not really keen on woollen sweaters; scarfs or boots that will keep you warm because I’m not really a big fan of winter clothing (too much fabric!). That’s why I am here to give you some tips on how to style and accessorize Christmas dresses.

Christmas Dresses
If you like sparkles and glitter when going out for special winter occasions, such as work Christmas parties or New Year’s Eve, you could consider buying one of the above. They will definitely make you stand out, but be careful when you accessorize. It is not recommended to wear lots of sparkly jewellery with these dresses, as this would totally destroy the look. You can wear a pair of silver sparkly earrings but do not wear a big chunky necklace with it.

Glittery high heels
Sparkly dresses are in fashion, and so are the high heels. Again, either chose a sparkly dress or some glittery high heels, but do not combine both into one outfit. You could wear a normal black dress with these high heels, a black pair of trousers or some denim jeans to go with it. Important with glittery high heels is to not get them wet because you’ll lose the spark! A useful tip is to spray them in with hairspray. Leave them standing for at least a couple of hours before wearing them.

Happy shopping!