Nov 12, 2011

Seasonal Changeover: Finding Room for Your New Wardrobe

Now that the mercury in thermometers across the Northern part of America are starting to fall along with the autumn leaves, it is time to start putting away your summer flip flops, cargo roll up capri pants and short sleeve tee shirts and take out your fall must have fashion items. For most women, it is also time to fill in your wardrobe with this season's hottest shoe styles, funkiest new accessories and beautiful sweaters, corduroy pants and other clothes in fall's palette of bold colors.

Fashion fiends do not have to throw out their entire wardrobes to be fashionable for this season. You can save money on your fall shopping spree by shopping your closet before you start shopping in stores. Carefully sort your clothes into piles of items to wear this season, keep for future seasons and things that you are confident you will never wear again. If you are ready to part with an item, then do not throw it out. Instead, bag it and find a local charity that you can donate your gently used clothing and shoes to so that someone else can benefit from your generosity.

While deciding which items to keep, look for tailored separates which will match this season's streamlined aesthetic. Crisp buttoned down blouses with fun stripes and cuffs, wide legged trousers in neutral colors and cowl neck sweaters are all excellent staples for fall and winter this year. Shop around for vintage inspired accessories to add some feminine flair to your outfits, like a cloche or fedora hat adorned with a bow, feather or brooch. Enjoy the sparkle of a cocktail ring by shopping for a costume one at your favorite discount fashion store.

Do not forget about your shoes while assembling your fall wardrobe. The right pair of funky saddle shoe inspired oxfords can turn an otherwise neutral office outfit into an adorable ensemble that exudes your personality. Look for traditional shapes, like the penny loafers and and chukka boots, reinterpreted with rich colors and cool patterns from luxe footwear designers like Cole Haan, Sigerson Morrison, Coach and others. Pair them with argyle patterned socks in coordinating colors to keep the outfit from having too many colors. Of course, when in doubt, a solid colored trouser sock is always the right choice.
"Pair them with argyle patterned socks..."
While you might rue the winter weather, you can still enjoy the sartorial choices of a fun winter coat. A single breasted camel hair coat is a luxurious, warm and long lasting classic. Depending on how concerned you are with finding one with a name brand label, you may be able to find one for under $300. Similarly, while a Burberry branded trench coat for the wet fall weather will cost you nearly a $1,000 or more depending on the style, there are plenty of adorable khaki colored trench raincoats available for much more reasonable prices. You can either see the splurge as an investment in years of wear or opt for the less expensive option and have more money left over to spend on colored leather gloves, a new umbrella or other new fall and winter fashion favorites!

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