Nov 9, 2011

Winter’s latest fashion trends: Some styling tips for Christmas Dresses

With the winter approaching it is time for us ladies to change our outfits from less to more, in order to keep ourselves nice and warm. The thing is though; I am not really keen on woollen sweaters; scarfs or boots that will keep you warm because I’m not really a big fan of winter clothing (too much fabric!). That’s why I am here to give you some tips on how to style and accessorize Christmas dresses.

Christmas Dresses
If you like sparkles and glitter when going out for special winter occasions, such as work Christmas parties or New Year’s Eve, you could consider buying one of the above. They will definitely make you stand out, but be careful when you accessorize. It is not recommended to wear lots of sparkly jewellery with these dresses, as this would totally destroy the look. You can wear a pair of silver sparkly earrings but do not wear a big chunky necklace with it.

Glittery high heels
Sparkly dresses are in fashion, and so are the high heels. Again, either chose a sparkly dress or some glittery high heels, but do not combine both into one outfit. You could wear a normal black dress with these high heels, a black pair of trousers or some denim jeans to go with it. Important with glittery high heels is to not get them wet because you’ll lose the spark! A useful tip is to spray them in with hairspray. Leave them standing for at least a couple of hours before wearing them.

Happy shopping!


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