Aug 24, 2011

Fashion Accessories: More than just belts and jewellery!

People often struggle to accessorise their outfits, but they needn’t be daunted. Most opt for a belt, scarf or some jewellery to complement their ensemble, but accessorising needn’t stop there! Using accessories correctly can turn an outfit from understated, to stunning.

Although often overlooked, the correct pair of shoes can literally make or break an outfit. From striking heels with eveningwear, to the perfect trainers with streetwear, the importance of the right pair of shoes cannot be understated. A pair of jeans is incredibly versatile when accessorising with shoes. The same pair of denim could be worn in the evening with a nice pair of heels, or during the day casually with a pair of plimsolls!

A jacket can also be considered an accessory, as it can be used to compliment your overall outfit (as well as being practical!). A tailored jacket can be used to compliment or understate your figure; they’re extremely good at tapering in a larger stomach or posterior! An added bonus is that a nicely fitted jacket will never truly go out of style! If you have access to a vintage store, you can often find classic, timeless jackets at great prices.

Your hair is also an accessory to your outfit, although it isn’t often used as such. Hair can be incredibly versatile, and can be styled to suit each particular outfit. Put your hair up for work for a glamorous, yet smart look. Combs, jewels and other hair accessories are another great way to maximise the impact your hair has. In the summer, try wearing some flowers! It’s a bold statement that can make massive impact with a suitable accompanying outfit.

Shawls, a practical alternative to scarfs, can also make great accessories. In the winter months they’re a great way to wrap up in a stylish, layered fashion. Due to their recent rise in popularity, there are shawls for every occasion, for any outfit. Find a colour and material that suits the look you’re attempting; don’t feel that you are restricted to the classic cotton shawl that your grandmother may have worn!

Essentially any piece of clothing can be used as an accessory, if its primary function is to complement the rest of the outfit. Experiment with colours and fabrics to create contrast, or simply to add depth or layers to your outfit. Be brave and stand out from the crowd!

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