Aug 8, 2011

Top 10 Fashion Designers of 2011

In 2011, fashion heads in both directions: the past and the future. Designers are enjoying incorporating past recollections into their modern work, and the best designers fail to disappoint when they bring in the new.

Elie Saab
Classic Hollywood gowns returned this year and blended with some ethereal accents in Elie Saab’s SS collection. It would be no surprise seeing the likes of Grace Kelly in any of these diaphanous white and silver gowns. The beauty of Saab’s work this year is in watching the fabric flow on these garments—nothing else captures wistfulness like draped tulle on a runway.

Victoria Beckham
This year, Beckham’s bold collections are establishing her foothold in fashion. Her mature designs feature the crisp lines and panels that form a vital part of high fashion. Although her garments may not necessarily be daring, they would have high fashion potential if not for her choice of basic materials like cotton, lamé, and silk, which render them better on the racks than the runway.

Missoni continues the legacy of a fashion house devoted to powerful patterns and a potpourri of knitwear. Taking a cue from the traditional African kangas and kitenges, Missoni’s summer collection boasts festive knits and vibrant colors. Winter brings more patterns again, but this time in fantastical pastels and languid, shimmering crepon. This is fashion with excitement.

Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen lives on in 2011 with stunningly regal collections that demand much more than a second glance. Intricate patterns and pleats bring new shapes to traditional trousers, skirts and lapels in both collections.

David Koma
A new face in the design world, David Koma is receiving growing attention this year with his most recent collections gracing London’s fashion week. This is a designer who loves leather, and with the help of his friends in St Petersburg, David Koma brings his space-age designs to the catwalk.

Ann Demeulemeester
Black is Ann’s base color, highlighting her angular cuts and patterns. Couple this with her collection’s one-legged trousers for fashion’s next forward-thinker.

If any designer could appropriate flats to the haute couture runway, Chanel is the one to do it. The same goes for combining sequined leggings with a remarkable Jackie O tweed coat. It goes unsaid: leave it to Chanel.

Dolce & Gabbana
This season brings out the masculine side of Dolce in a fleet of double-breasted blazers and pleated trousers. Pair these with the featured star polka dotted dresses for a conspicuous homage to the zoot suit and swing era.

Salvatore Ferragamo
Powerful shoulder lines and a strict black and white color palette define this Italian company as uncompromising as the family who runs it.

Bottega Veneta
Like many designers this year, Bottega Veneta harkens to the 1960s for inspiration, proudly returning with wearable fashion. As always, Bottega’s signature handbags accompany their looks.
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