Jul 11, 2011

Best Womens Golf Shoes For Summer 2011

Dawgs Women's Golf Spirit

Dawgs Golf Shoes
The first stop for the 2011 Womens Golf Shoes list is Dawgs. Dawgs are actually some of the most interesting footwear to hit the fairway this season. They have that Crocs feeling, but light on the hideousness. The Dawgs are extremely light weight, and under seven ounces. They have a rubber outsole with molded rubber spikes, offering both comfort and stability.

Dawgs golf shoes can be found in the "Women's Golf Spirit" style, along with other more casual styles including the 3 strap rubber sole, rubber sole flip flops, and women's Dawg spirit.

Puma Sunny Golf Shoe

The Puma Sunny Golf Shoe

Next on the list is the Puma Sunny Golf Shoe with superior comfort and style. These stylish Pumas offer water-resistant synthetic uppers for durability and moisture control. Allow the innovative cleat system help you stabilize from backswing to follow-through and comfortably explore all aspects of the fairway with cushioned midsole.

Nike Women's Golf Shoes

Nike Air Summer Lite III Women's Golf Shoe

The Nike Air Summer Lite III has some of the most impressive and revolutionary technology ever developed by Nike. With encapsulated air to cushion the footstrike, you'll be surprised at how little you felt the last 18.

Other remarkable aspects of the Nike Air Summer Lite III's include integrated traction for stability and balance, full-length sockliner for comfort and a strong mesh upper for breathability. The leather is synthetic for quick, easy cleaning. This is one of the hottest golf shoes of 2011, make sure to check them out!

Sesto Meucci Women's Gabian Golf Shoe

Sesto Meucci Women's Gabian Golf Shoe

Admittedly the Sesto Meucci Women's Gabian Golf Show is not "her best deal." It's not even in the ball park of a deal. It might possibly be the most expensive pair of golf shoes we'll ever add to this site.

They are, however, awesome. They are eligible for free shipping (that justifies something right?)! The Gabian is expensive, but not unattainable, as they come in under the $300 mark. They're Italian for God sake and you deserve it!!!

From Amazon: The quilted Nappa leather upper and slim laces are charming and feminine, while the cushioned insole and sturdy rubber cleat offer the comfort and traction you need to tackle any course. Sesto Meucci has the latest silhouettes, colors, and textures made in Italy and Spain by the finest Italian technicians. Their reputation for fit and comfort has been well known and uncompromised for 30 years.

Callaway Women's Batista Golf Shoes

Callaway Women's Batista Golf Shoes
Classic, stylish, and solid. The Batistas are low profile, patent and tan leather shoes.


  • Soft full-grain leather
  • Flex comfort outsole
  • 6 New Chevron Comfort Spikes for superior traction
  • 2-Year Waterproof Limited Warranty
Whether you're looking for comfort or style, stability or stamina, you can find it here at Her Best Deal. Make sure to check out Amazon, our trusted partner, for a great selection of Womens Golf Shoes for under $100.

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