Jul 5, 2011

Picking Gowns for Body Types

Wedding Dress
Its time to pick a dress! Doesn’t matter if it is for yourself, your bridesmaids, or your mother, you want everyone looking fabulous! Here are some tips on dressing for various body types.

Pear Shape- If the upper body is noticeably smaller than the lower body, then you have a pear shape. Look for gowns with skirts that start to flair out from the natural waistline. This will highlight the waistline while hiding the larger hip area. Fabrics that are stiffer will be best because they will not cling to the body.

Apple Shape - If the upper body is noticeably larger than the lower body, then you have an apple shape. Look for gowns that will cinch you in at the waist and then starts to go out over the hips. Avoid trumpet styles because they will emphasis the larger half of your body.

Hourglass Shape - If the body is curvy with a clearly defined waistline than you have an hourglass figure. You are lucky because you can wear almost anything. Look for gowns that will emphasise your bust and waistline. Stay away from anything shapeless that is going to hide your curves.

Rectangle Shape - If the body is straight up and down with less defined curves than you have a rectangular figure. Look for gowns that will add curves where you don’t have them. Try a bias cut sheath gown or a full skirt that will give you a defined waistline.

Busty - If you have a larger bust line look for a scoop or sweetheart neckline. These cuts will open up your face and shoulders without showing to much cleavage. Try to stay away from fabrics with a sheen or gown that feature ruching at the bodice because they will add volume to the area.

Plus Sized - Look for plus-sized wedding gowns such as Aline with empire waistlines. Try to go for more structured fabrics than flowy ones. Loose fitting gowns with flowing fabrics tend to make the gowns look more like maternity wear than formal.

Tall - If you are on the tall side stick to simple shapes. Make sure that everything is proportional to your height; check the waist, hem, and sleeve length to make sure everything is where it should be. You want to look elegant, not like your gown is to small for you! Don’t be afraid to use your height to make a statement but when in doubt lean towards simplicity.

Petite - Try gowns that are more fitted such as sheath and modified Aline which will give you the appearance of more height. Stay away from gowns with more volume such as ball gowns because they will make you look shorter. Also try to avoid gowns with dropped waists because they will make your torso look disproportionate to your legs.

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