Nov 24, 2011

Mother of the Bride Outfit: Some Food for Thought

If you are the mother of a bride, then you might find yourself in a difficult situation with finding the right outfit. Mother of the bride outfits are fortunately provided by many designers and retailers so there is plenty to look at. If you are still unsure of type of style you are going to be wearing, have a read through this post.

Before choosing your style, make sure that you consult with your daughter first as she will have the “final say.” If your daughter has decided that there will be a dress code in terms of colour then this need to be taken into consideration. It is also important to wait with buying your outfit, until your daughter has bought the dress she likes. This will avoid a completely different style of clothing for both the mother and daughter, and will keep everything coherent.
Purple mini flower shift dress

Bramble shimmer shantung jacket
An example of something you could be wearing at your daughter’s wedding is this beautiful purple mini flower shift dress. It features a stunning laser cut satin flowers around the neck, all with bead centres. The dress has a back zip and would be perfect to wear to a wedding, or to any other special occasion. This bramble shimmer shantung jacket with a gentle grown on the neckline would fit perfectly to wear over the dress. It has ¾ sleeves and satin piping with a grosgrain bramble rosette that covers the hook.

When you purchase your outfit, make sure that it is not too tight. Many women buy a size smaller (as they believe it looks better) but find themselves feeling uncomfortable during the wedding, as it is simply too small. It is always better to stick to your own size of to even buy a size larger as the wedding is a special but also long day, so feeling comfortable should be prioritized. Happy shopping!

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