Nov 30, 2011

Must Have Shoes for Winter 2012

Must Have Shoes for Winter 2012

 The New Year 2012 is going to be here soon but winters have made their way in much earlier. It’s time to pull your jackets and sweaters out of the closet and team them up with comfortable shoes that keep you warm and cozy through the day. Like the season, the trends are in for a change too, making it the perfect time to indulge in some shoe shopping. This season promises a variety of colors and designs making their way into the shoe collections by different brands. This season, indulge in deep hues of beige, burgundy, chocolate, violet, red, khaki and dark blue. Though the designs and colors galore, here are some pairs that you must have in your shoe closet this winter.

 Marc Joseph – Cypress Hill Moccasins

Cypress Hill Moccasins - By Marc Joseph
 Marc Joseph is one brand that comes out with innovatively styled shoes every year. This year around, the collection houses moccasins and loafers. One of the best shoes from the latest collection of men’s shoes is the Cypress Hill Moccasins. These shoes are made of genuine leather and are hand-stitched to offer you utmost comfort even during the coldest of days. Through hand stitching, the brand has tried to highlight the finer details of the shoes while making them look extremely cool and stylish. The padded footbed and rubber sole make these shoes irresistible for every man who wishes to combine comfort with looks. You can choose from a variety of colors to match your moods and be ready to rock!

 Glamourette, Icone – Louis Vuitton

 This winter 2012 is going to be special for all the ladies for they have a chance to own the new playfully stylish shoes from Louis Vuitton. The new collection by the brand comprises everything starting from heels to comfortable fur boots to keep you cozy. The variety of materials and designs makes this collection even more special for all the ladies out there. The collection has four lines to choose from. Take your pick from an assortment of sexy heels or comfy boots to snuggle up your feet.

 Alexander McQueen Puma Sneakers

 As the winter sneak in, it’s time to turn glamorous. Alexander McQueen’s collections have always been known for their ‘it’ factor and yet again, both these brands are here with these exquisite shoes to warm your feet. The sneakers have been named Mid Fur Bond and, as the name suggests, have been made using fur as one of the major components. These shoes are comfortable and fashionable at the same time and make for a perfect pair for not just this but every winter season. Available in black color, these shoes are meant for women of all ages who are looking for something different for their wardrobe this winter season. What makes these shoes stand out is the round tip, rubber sole and the fur, of course.

 Adorn your feet with any of the pairs listed above and be your stylish best this winter season.

 Cheryl Davis is a shoe stylist for With her years of experience in the clothing and shoe industry, she has used her expertise to create up to date designs for all of the Marc Joseph Shoes and many other companies as well.

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