Mar 3, 2011

Womens Golf Shoes For Sping 2011

Callaway Womens Golf Shoes

Callaway Ladies Golf Shoes
Ever heard of a pair of womens golf shoes that are embroidered with Swarovski Crystal? If you haven't, it is time to take a look at the Callaway Women's Brocade Golf Shoe. This shoe boasts not only unparalleled performance on the greens, but also exquisite style. These Callaways are dawned with a unique embroidering and Swarovski crystal accents.

Good Reviews

These Callaway ladies golf shoes also come with a full on 5 star customer review... well, make that four individual and separate, 5 star customer reviews. These kicks are scoring both style points and getting solid comfort reviews. Constructed of soft last full grain leather rubber, cushioned insole, with a padded collar and tongue, the Callaway Women's Brocade Golf Shoe is as practical, as it is fashionable. The shoes also boast RainSport/Drysport waterproof technology, couple all of this with sturdy Chevron comfort spikes for a perfect mechanical stability on even the slickest greens.
Callaway Women's Brocade Golf Shoe


The Callaway Women's Brocade Golf Shoe is available in:
  • White/Bog Green
  • White/Mint 
  • White/Teal 
  • White/Black 

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