Apr 27, 2011

Finding the Right Jeans for Your Body Shape

Everyone loves wearing jeans - they're comfortable and go with everything. If you find a pair of jeans or a style that works for you and your body shape, you may wear them every day. Most women own numerous pairs of jeans, but everyone has that favorite pair that fits perfectly and is the pair they grab again and again. Today we're going to discuss how to find the right jeans for your particular body shape. Not every pair of jeans looks great on everyone. Some people can wear skinny jeans and look incredible, while a trouser style is better for other women. You usually have to try on many pairs of jeans to find the fit and style that's right for you.

The skinny jean is a relatively new style of jean. Basically, they are tight jeans that are slimly cut down through the entire leg. A skinny jean shows pretty much every lump and curve, so skinny jeans are best worn by thin, tall women with thin pins, including thin thighs. Skinny jeans look best on women with slim hips. So, if you are tall, thin, and athletic with narrow pins and hips, then the skinny jean should look amazing on you.

Most of us are not built like that. If you are curvier with larger hips, you should go for straight leg jeans that go straight down from the widest point of the hips to the ground. These jeans should not only be straight leg, but also be cut widely through the leg line. If you are curvy and wear jeans that are tight around your wide hips and then are tight through the pins, you will look very outbalanced. If your jeans are tight around your pins, it will make your hips look even wider in comparison. So, try on straight leg jeans or a trouser style jean if this is your body shape.

As far as the right rise for a pair of jeans, younger women who are thin should wear a low rise jean. This is a modern style and minimizes the appearance of your rear and stomach. No one should be wearing high rise jeans that go up as high as or higher than your navel. These are sometimes called mommy jeans and make the stomach and rear look larger than normal. If you are in your thirties or more, you should go for a mid-rise jean. This will not only help cover your curvier figure better, but will still minimize your stomach and rear end. Basically, you want to cover enough of the body to look appropriate without resorting to mom jeans that will make your stomach and back view look larger than they actually are.

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