Feb 25, 2011

Types of Alpaca Winter Apparel

Alpaca apparel is the perfect winter clothing because it is made from one of the warmest fibers available. Alpaca wool is also extremely soft, lightweight, and strong, so you can wear fewer layers and stay warmer at the same time.

Alpaca wool is warmer, softer, lighter, and stronger than traditional sheep’s wool. It can sustain multiple washings without piling like sheep’s wool, and it requires fewer washings because it is dirt, bacteria, and odor resistant. Alpaca products make a great investment because of their durability, sustainability, and timeless style.

Alpaca clothing is great for winter travel because of its light weight and ability to pack up much smaller than sheep’s wool, since it doesn’t need to be as thick and bulky to provide the same amount of warmth. It’s also wrinkle free, and since it can be washed less often, it’s great for traveling.

Alpaca socks are the best available for winter warmth, especially since they come in a variety of thickness for everything from everyday wear to winter sports. Alpaca ski socks are soft, comfortable, and extremely thin for a proper fit inside your boots, yet they still keep your feet incredibly warm at the same time, a combination that can be difficult to find with traditional ski socks. As an added bonus, they are water resistant so they keep your feet warm and dry in all weather conditions.

Alpaca clothing works very well for layering clothes, which is often essential in the winter months. Because it is so lightweight, multiple layers can be worn without the burden of heavy cotton and sheep’s wool layers. Since it is so soft and feels wonderful against bare skin, your base layers can be made from alpaca wool instead of synthetics or cotton. Try combining alpaca shirts or turtlenecks with alpaca vests and cardigans on top, and alpaca tights or knee socks with alpaca skirts and dresses.

Alpaca jackets and coats provide the greatest warmth with the lightest weight, making a great addition to your other alpaca layers. The extreme water resistance of alpaca wool makes it suitable to wear as a top layer in wet and snowy conditions, providing a stylish alternative to synthetic waterproof jackets. Alpaca jogging jackets and ponchos are a warmer substitute for hooded sweatshirts or lightweight coats on warmer days or during the transitional fall and spring seasons.

Alpaca blankets are the best option for both babies and adults who like to stay warm while sleeping without the bulk and weight of a heavy comforter or multiple blankets. For hot sleepers, a sheet combined with a light alpaca blanket is often enough to create the perfect nighttime sleeping temperature during the months in which you heat your house at night.


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