Feb 27, 2011

Ed Hardy Hummingbird & Roses Circle Top Tee

Hummingbird & Roses

Stamp the Hummingbird & Roses Circle Top Tee with a seal of authentic bad assery once again by ever talented tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy and designer Christian Audigier. Each piece is numbered & authentic, which is found on the inside left of the garment. Think light, airy, fun, and comfortable with this cute top. The hummingbird and rose styling is reminiscent of Hardy's infamous ink inspired art, but with a good feminine feel. The lowest price this piece has been found so far (at the time of this post) is $67.99, so keep that in mind when shopping!    

1 comment:

  1. i'm not really a Ed Hardy fan, but i do like the way this top falls! thanks for sharing.