Feb 6, 2011

Skechers Shape Up Shoes

What About Skechers Shape Up Shoes?

Ah, the Skechers Shape Up Shoes. Is this shoe an abomination on fashion or is it a blessing for the booty? For a shoe that seems to have a hunchback-like sole (also known as a rocker bottom style or a dynamic rolling bottom), Skechers does a pretty decent job of keeping the Shape Ups from looking too much like Quasimodo. In fact, Quasimodo may be the entirely wrong person to reference. Kim Kardashian may be the more appropriate person you want to envision when thinking about the Skechers Shape Up Shoes, or at least that's what a recent Superbowl commercial might want you to think!   
Skechers Shape Up Walking Sneaker

Skechers Shape Up Reviews

Surprisingly, the Shape Ups get really good reviews. Eartha Haines (of www.tryingfitness.com) concludes her review of the Skechers Shape Ups by saying:
Overall, the shoes are comfortable and actually quite fun to walk in. They also don't look bad at all. If you enjoy walking outdoors for exercise or even on a treadmill, these shoes may provide added benefit for improving posture and activating muscles.
Pink & Grey Shape-Up
An anonymous commenter on www.mightyreview.blogspot.com said...

I am obese. I have foot, knee and back problems. Walking, prior to my purchase of my sketchers, was an incredibly painful and exerting process. I don't know about the physics of the shoes, but I can say that my feet do not hurt after wearing them all day long at work (previous to buying them, I could barely walk when I came home, my feet hurt so badly), and when I go out to walk the dog, I can essentially walk twice as far as without them. I have been wearing my 'sport' shape ups and my 'extended wear' black leather 'work' shape ups for about 8 months... from my perspective, they are helping me be more active, not less. [On 2/5/11. Paraphrased]

Where to buy skechers shape up shoes

Shape Up shoes are easily found almost anywhere and generally run about $50 - $130. Her Best Deal typically partners with Amazon.com and recommends them for Skechers Shape Up Shoes. Amazon has excellent deals, product promotions, and special offers. As this post is being composed as a matter of fact, Amazon is currently offering 10% off (Enter code ASTEALSP at checkout) through February 28th, 2011. Among other things Amazon offers a list of reviews, great customer service, and low shipping rates.

Shape Up Shoe Technology

Shape-ups are designed for enhanced resistance training and accelerated muscle activation. They boast advanced Stabilization Insoles that include a rigid heel for added support and stability. The Roll Bridge in the midfoot area increases side to side stability. Two part soft and firm density midsole gives maximum fitness benefits, support and stability. Kinetic Wedge super soft foam midsoles absorb shock and provide exercise (that mimics the way a foot would move in the sand).

  • Lace up front
  • Smooth leather, synthetic and mesh fabric upper
  • Side stripe overlays
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Cooling mesh panels at front and sides
  • Contrast colored edging detail
  • Contrast stitching detail
  • Fabric shoe lining
  • Textured synthetic toe and heel bumpers
  • SKECHERS S and Shape-ups logo

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