Feb 13, 2011

MAC Cosmetics - An Essential Part of Fashion

Makeup is a competitive market and the fashion world is ever changing. The stores need to keep up with the trends or risk their inventory sitting motionless and their books rapidly moving into the red. Part of the evolution of style is brand names competing with each other to create a better product, or even a better advertised product that is more appealing to the product's target market. This is true for any product fashion related, and especially for cosmetic products.

Brands such as Revlon, Maybelline, and Cover Girl create products for all consumer which can be bought anywhere from drug stores to discount chains like Wal-Mart and Target. Higher-end makeup that is sold by designers can be found in boutique cosmetic stores like Sephora. One competitor that is holding their own is MAC. MAC is unique in the makeup business because their stores sell only their brand. They don't need to reinvent their product or even bastardize their brand to outsell their competition. By creating a quality timeless product, MAC is consistently a huge part of the fashion industry.

MAC Cosmetics has a steadfast set of colors and products, including those outside of makeup. To stay competitive, "holiday" themed products are available like a set of warm colors wrapped in a red box for the Christmas season. What makes the MAC experience a true experience is the records they keep of their consumers. Any fashionista wants easy access to their favorite colors and purchases without having to keep a list of the products they have bought and shades that work for their skin type. What is great about the MAC stores is that each time you make a purchase, your name and the specifics of each product you buy are inputted into the system. Eye shadows, for example, can be purchased individually or in a group set. Both the sets and each individual color are tracked. This is awesome when you go back into the store months later and want to purchase the same colors for yourself as a replacement or for someone else, they simply type in your name and find your previous purchases.

Besides knowing all about you and keeping track of your purchases, what keeps MAC a thriving part of the fashion industry is their constant commitment to customer service. I don't mean returns and general helpfulness (which their stores excel at), I am referring more to the exceptional makeup style of their employees. If you walk into a Sephora or a Bloomingdales, it is often rare to find an employee that understands fashion and what looks good. To many employees at these stores, fashion is a job, not a career. My impression of the employees at MAC are they take fashion seriously and see makeup as a huge part of the fashion world. At MAC the artists all have very unique looks. They have beautiful makeup on, whether it is a natural look or an extravagant and elaborate design. Each artists wears black clothing. Their looks range from classic and simple to extremely artistic with tattoos and piercings.

As a shopper, you have to appreciate the artistic side of their appearance. On the converse, if you are very conservative and only want a basic look, you don’t have to be afraid of the tattooed and brightly colored face of an artist. The artists at MAC don’t let their style influence how they guide their clients. No matter his or her look, the artist will help you with your own personal style. They are very compatible and extremely talented.

The fashion world is not "cheap", and MAC is not for the faint of wallet. Though it is pricey, you truly pay for the quality and the experience. After all, fashion is not just about a beautifully tailored skirt or an attention getting hat, it is about how the entire outfit comes together, and cosmetics are a part of that final product.

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