Sep 7, 2010

Coach Handbag Deals

Coach Signature Logo

Coach Leatherware - Est. 1941

If there is one designer out there synonymous with women and "must have" accessories it is Coach. Likewise, if there is one perfect, coveted handbag, it is a Coach Handbag. The Coach Leatherware company has humble beginnings as a family-run workshop. Six artisans founded the company in 1941, from  a Manhattan loft. Collectively, they handcrafted a collection of leather goods using skills learned from generations before them. Word quickly spread of the quality and unique nature of Coach craftsmanship, creating a market place for the classic American styling of the leatherware.

Mission Statement

Coach seeks to be the leading brand of quality lifestyle accessories offering classic, modern American styling.

The Portfolio of a Classic Design Company

With world wide leather sales, the business has amassed a rather impressive financial portfolio. Publicly traded, the stock can be found listed under COH (as Common Stock). Enough corporate activity to keep Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Lew Frankfort and his associates busy for a lifetime. Some of the Coach executives:

Catering to Modern Fashion Trends

Coach Signature "C" Handbags
The line has a varied consumer base, as its products encompass both classic American style as well as a focus to cater to more modern and contemporary demand. To gratify this interest, Coach has the signature "C" line. The most popular accessory of course is the Signature C Handbag, which comes in multiple fabrics and often with a genuine leather accent.

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