Nov 26, 2010

Bikini Tips from Kim Kardashian

Fashion advice from Kim Kardashian

Here we join Kim and TV Guide in this video for some quick fashion advice on some Bikini hotness. She covers body awareness and consciousness when picking the right fit for your body. She'll also speak on her DVD and being in the Hollywood spotlight.

Video Transcription
TV Guide:What's your secret to picking the perfect bikini?
Kim:  I think that you just have to fit your body for the right suit. I mean, I know that I'm a little bigger on the bottom. So I only like the tie bottom, because if I have it, you know, without the ties it tends to feel super tight and cut me off, making me look bigger than I am. If your tummy area is your problem area, a one piece would look great. There are so many fashionable one piece swimsuits now. Um, it just kind of depends on your body type. You know if your smaller, a bando-tube style is really great for on top. A triangle is really supportive for someone who is a bit bustier. It just kind of depends on your body type.
TV Guide: Do your sisters use your new fitness DVD?
Kim: They do! When I was training for my DVDs, they were around all the time and they would work out with me so, you know, they've seen the whole process. And they love it. It was right before I shot the DVD, they were training with me in my hotel room for it, so they are addicted now too.
TV Guide: Is it hard being in the Hollywood spotlight as a young woman?
Kim: Um, there's definitively, you know lots of scrutiny when you're out, and you have to have on the right outfit. Or you have to be in shape, and if you're not, then, you know, it's all over the internet. I think it's really tough, but I wouldn't wish, it upon anyone, for young girls to really grow up in Hollywood, cause it is tough and there's lots of eyes on you. But I feel like it's totally my opportunity to take advantage of it, and put out the messages that I want out. So I definitely want to promote healthy living and fitness. And I feel like I've gotten that opportunity right now, to do that. 
TV Guide: Are you and NFL superstar Reggie Bush getting married any time soon?
Kim: Ah, not that we're planning. You know, people ask us all the time and we're just in a really normal, healthy relationship. Of course we talk about marriage, but who knows when that's coming?


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