Oct 17, 2010

The Ed Hardy Brand - Tattoo Inspired Fashion

The man behind the design

According to the official website, Don Ed Hardy is both a traditional and a tattoo, artist. The chance meeting with French designer Christian Audigier, spawned the Ed Hardy brand. Audigier has had much fashion experience prior to the venture with Hardy. In fact, two of the brands he may be most well known for are Lee and Von Dutch. Together the two have ignited the tattoo inspired fashion movement. Most importantly to us here at Her Best Deal, according to the official website: Ed Hardy has the most updated figure flattering women’s fashions.

Cute Fall Fashion

We're actually seeing some really cute, trendy fashions coming from the Ed Hardy line this fall. Especially in their accessories lines. From sunglasses to shoes.

Ed Hardy Designer Black Sunglasses

Black Sunglasses
Check out the ED HARDY Black Sunglasses! Classic Tattoo inspired pattern along the rim for these stylish, sassy shades. These versatile sun blockers are a great compliment to other Ed Hardy fashions, but also as a great accent piece to a more conservative attire.

The Ed Hardy Casablanca Wedge
Casablanca Wedge
If you have not seen the Ed Hardy's shoe line, girl get over there and see them! Look, it's a given the this line is not for everyone, especially when comes women. The shoe line however is amazing! You can see the wedge style here, but there is so much more! Cute and trendy sneakers, some hot Milan Pumps, and even mid-calf & knee high boots!

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